Greetings everyone! I have one quick problem.

I want to build a lefty hotas without sourcing parts from used joysticks. How is it that the only off-the-shelf USB HID PCB out there seems to be in the $30+ range when usb joysticks/gamepads/keyboards are being sold all over the web for way way less than that?

I know economy of scale will drive down the price of mass produced products, but still...$30+ for PCB that someone else is essentially making (along with all the plastic and assembly of a keyboard/joystick/gamepad/etc.) for 1/3 the price or less?

There has to be a basic board out there that would allow hobbyist to plug and play a few pots/switches/buttons with minimal/zero coding...right?

Here are a few examples of what I'm looking for, but at prices that are just too high to be realistic for me.