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Thread: MSFS Collection: MSFS, FS5, FS95, FS2000 plus many add ons

  1. Default MSFS Collection: MSFS, FS5, FS95, FS2000 plus many add ons

    If anyone is interested in the "classic" sims I've got you covered!

    I have a collection of 4 generations of MSFS titles, all with cases and manuals/pilot handbooks. Also included are many aircraft, scenery, and design titles for customizing the sim. Asking $20 plus shipping cost.



    Microsoft Fight Simulator
    - Original MSFS program
    - 2 5.25" floppy discs
    - Original box and manual

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft and Scenery Designer
    - Allows user to edit aircraft and add 3D models to environment
    - 1 5.25" floppy disc

    Mallard Software Sound, Graphics, and Aircraft Upgrade
    - Improved sound and graphics for MSFS

    Microsoft Flight Simulator
    - FS5, runs in DOS
    - 1 CD ROM with case
    - Manual
    - Includes New York and Paris scenery and guides

    Apollo Flight Shop
    - 1 CD Rom with case
    - Additional aircraft and ability to design airframes and flight characteristics

    Abacus Pilot Shop
    - 1 CD Rom with sleeve
    - Additional aircraft, scenery, and utilities to customize

    Apollo Collection 1
    - 1 CD Rom with case
    - Additional Airbus aircraft

    Pilot's Toy Box
    - 1 CD Rom with case
    - Additional aircraft

    Microsoft Flight Simulator for Win95
    - 1 CD Rom with case
    - Manual

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition
    - 4 CD Rom with case
    - Manual

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    Hey Matt... Is this Collection still Available? $20 plus shipping seems fine. Please let me know... Thanks

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    Sorry for the huge gap but it is still available if you are interested. Happy to ship it out for $20 plus actual shipping cost.

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    Anything left of this collection? (Mainly interested in old FS stuff)

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    It's all available. Let me know what you're interested in and I would be happy to prepare a shipment.

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    I'm mainly interested the FS5/BAO/Apollo stuff, I'll email you as you suggested in your PM.

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