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Thread: DF236 FSX Update for those with Vista Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by alastairmonk View Post
    Hi Mutt,

    Currently the Dakota will not work in Vista 64:

    If you have it you could try replacing the supplied Garmin430 with the new RealityXP GNS430W, but I don't know if the other gauges will work in a 64-bit environment.

    Any idea on how this is coming?

    I can use the RealityXP 430W in FSX SP2 w/ Vista64 SP1 with no issues. I really like what I see with the Dakota, but I'm not going to drop back to a 32 bit OS just to buy this airplane.

    If nothing has happened yet, I think they're just leaving alot of money laying on the table by not having 64 bit OS support in place.

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    Default normal GPS disappeared


    Since I installed the Dakota on my win7-64 bit system and then uninstalled it when I saw it was not compatible, the normal GPS (with shift-x) is not showing up anymore in all other planes and FS keeps triyng to find it, because the mousepoint has changed into the blue round turning thing.
    Could anyone (the designers?) give a hint what might be changed in FSX that causes this problem?

    Regards, Hans.

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