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    Default Welcome To The Swap Meet

    Come on in to the FlightSim Swap Meet! Here you will find bargains galore. This is your place to buy, sell and trade your used flight sim software and hardware with other flight sim community members.

    The Swap Meet is run as a message forum and has a few simple rules we'd ask you to follow:

    Use standard terms in your message titles: "FS:" meaning "for sale", "WTB:" meaning "wanted to buy".

    Leave your email address in your message. People interested in your ad should contact you directly that way rather than via reply messages in the Swap Meet forum.

    Please don't use the Swap Meet forum for general chit chat. We have other forums for that purpose.

    The Swap Meet is for second hand material only. No ads for new software or hardware allowed.

    The Swap Meet is for use by individuals only. Ads from companies in the software or hardware sales business are not allowed.

    After you sell an item please delete the message advertising it.

    FlightSim.Com takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of any Swap Meet advertisements. All sales and trades are strictly between the individuals involved.

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    Nels. Could you please remove my post in FS2004 as I've now found this Swap Meet, but my software is new and unused, so at your discretion, please remove. I tried to delete it but couldn't under the Edit option.



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    The post has been moved!

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    Default How to Delete Swap Post ?

    Hi Nels ,
    How to Delete a Swap Post after being sold ?
    If you can remove it that would be great,

    Kingair B200 simulator for Sale


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