Issues with installing the Garmin trainer software are extremely rare, however, if you have triend everything else, here are a few more suggestions:

Try installing the Garmin trainers available directly from the Garmin web site.

They come both as a full installer and as a zip file:

Have you disabled any anti-virus or firewall software prior to trying the install ? A recent post suggests that for Norton Antivirus, even disabing it still keeps certain associated processes running, which have to be manually stopped. If this is what you use, it might be worth checking.

Are you running with full Admin Rights ?

Are you selecting a "simple" install directory like C:\Garmin ?

Lastly, and a bit of a long-shot, what partition type is your HD, NTFS or FAT32 ? I recently had a problem with the full IWI install that was eventually tracked down to the format type. This was a file-number-limit with FAT32 partitions, and I doubt it relevant, but .....

Alastair Monk
Support Staff