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Where in the World Feature 129

THANK YOU to everyone who continues to make this feature asuccess! Here we are into a new year - hopefully betterfor everyone.

Our submitter for last time, Mike Guttman says, "The answer is KBVT, Burlington International Airport in Burlington, Vermont. Vermont is the Green Mountain State. Mount Mansfield is the highest peak in the state. The squadron is nicknamed 'The Green Mountain Boys', a tribute to Ethan Allen who led the Vermont militia during the US Revolutionary War."

/images/features/where129/t/witw-128-answer1.jpg   /images/features/where129/t/witw-128-answer2.jpg

/images/features/where129/t/witw-128-answer3.jpg   /images/features/where129/t/witw-128-answer4.jpg

Those who identified the correct NE US Location:

Scott Brandenburg
Don Hulick
Dick Bronson
Charlie Aron
Fred Hilerio
Bob Bina
Doug Bee
David Goldburg
Robert Smyth
Mateusz Mucha
Joe Bowers
Christian Bachmann
Scott Carpenter
Eric Ellis
Reid Gearhart
Crow Driver
George Meyhoefer
Paul Kiver
Roger Wensley
Michael Polley
Charlie Aron
Steve Zimmermann
Rudolf Wazlawek
Steve Morley
Gary Sheppard
Randy Ahlfinger
Eric T.
Steve Garland
Thomas Oftedal
Scott Simmons
Melo Scanlon
Stephen Floyd
Devin Mutschler
Larry Sharer
Lyndon Nelson
Donald W. Harper

Some good but incorrect locations offered:

  • Regional Airport Mansfield-Lahm in Ohio

We again have a submission by Roger Wensley who offers thelocation, "Where explorer R.A. spent two winters with his boat safelyin the harbour - he had only planned to be there a year but his'passage' was interrupted."


/images/features/where129/t/witw129_default.jpg   /images/features/where129/t/witw129_golf.jpg

/images/features/where129/t/witw129_harbour.jpg   /images/features/where129/t/witw129_moored.jpg

Please email your guesses (future locations to be featured) to:cubflounder@gmail.com

Thanks for playing!

Ron Blehm

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