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Where in the World Feature 127

Thomas Pedersen submittedFeature #126which is the closed Military Base at Vaerlose (Vaerlose - EKVL). InDanish the name is, "Flyvestation Vaerlose". It is alsoaffectionately nicknamed Vejrstation Flyvelose, literally translatedit means Weatherstation Flightloose. The "Store Flyvedag" WAS nextplanned to occur on 22-Aug-20 -- maybe next year.



Those who nailed it:

Steve Morley
Scott Carpenter
Melo Scanlon
Ulf Kristoffersson
Bob Bina
Thomas Oftedal
Joe Graf
Dieter Mennecke

Wrong locations (without names):

  • East Durham, New York
  • Wittman Regional, Oshkosh, WI
  • Cheb Airport (LKCB), Czech

This would logically bring us to feature number 127. I lookforward to seeing the MSFS 2020 photos! This feature is submitted byJoe Graf who offers us to recall the "Battle of the Bulge" and someinteresting World War 2 tactics that played out nearby. He notes thatKampfgruppe Peiper was advancing on this town which (there weremilitary reasons too) was famous for its waters?


/images/features/where127/t/witw127_real.jpg   /images/features/where127/t/witw127_fsx.jpg

Where in the World is this "Spa"?

Send guesses and future suggestions to:cubflounder@gmail.com

Ron Blehm
If you follow one of my other features, check out: THATONEPILOTCHICK on Instagram!

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