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Where in the World Feature 123

First of all, THANK YOU to those who have submitted suggestions;we are loaded up now! So, the Where in the World Features will continue.


The End of the Line for Feature #122 was Casco Cove Aleutian Islandin Alaska. Known as Attu by some it is not in the default airportslist but is one of the more remote airports in the world; 1,284 nmfrom Anchorage. Roger Wensley has produced some FS add-ons that I'dencourage you to look for.

Those hearty enough to attempt:

Anson Cadogan
Charlie Aron
Dick Bronson
Joe Bowers
Pete Ham
Eric Ellis
Robert Timberlake
P. Howard
Steve Morley
Randy Ahlfinger
Thomas Pedersen
Melo Scanlon
Ulf Kristoffersson
Thomas Oftedal
David Tinker
Reid Gearhart
Devin Mutschler
Scott Simmons
Bojo Perez
David Vega
Mike Guttman

Some off-the-mark ends of the line:

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Nome, AK (so VERY close)

Moving on, your clues for number 123 are as follows:

  1. We have been to this country before (not this airport / city).
  2. Single runway.
  3. Landing eastbound, departing westbound is most common.
  4. Density altitude is a big concern.
  5. Founded in 1540 it has a population just under one million



Send your best guess to:cubflounder@gmail.com

Remember, on occasion you MAY find clues at:

YouTube/user/pretendpilot or on Instagram @flyinflounder

Ron Blehm

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