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Where in the World Feature 120



In Feature Number 119, Rahal offered us to fly to the UAE with, "Global Aviation Leaders" Emirates and Etihad (to name just two of the major airlines in the area!)


Those who correctly identified this globally-central location:


Roger Wensley
Charlie Aron
John Chen
Dick Bronson
Markus Fass
Graeme Nowland
Reid Gearhart
G. Guichard
Eric Ellis
Bastian Blinten
Thomas Pedersen
Mike Guttman
Bojo Perez
Paul Kiver
Devin Mutschler
Thomas Oftedal
Clive Saville
Peter Margetts


Some wrong guesses: (names not listed above)


  • Hamberg, GER
  • Istanbul, TRK
  • JFK, NY, USA


Next up is, of course, feature number 120. This should be marked by some kind of celebration somewhere in the world!


Okay, this challenge comes from Fred Cox who says, "Stop clowning around, what do you think, this is some kind of circus or something?" Arguably one of the most well-known three ring shows coming to big tent near you .... from this location (or, used to be).






Where in the World are the clues leading you for Feature #120?














Submit guesses to: cubflounder@gmail.com.
Submit future locations to that same email.


Ron Blehm
Founder and apparently lifelong supporter of the Where in the World Features on FlightSim.Com

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