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Review: SierraSim - SEGU José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport

SEGU José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport

Publisher: SierraSim Simulation

Review Author:
Diego Vega

Suggested Price:




SierraSim Simulation is a scenerydeveloper with almost a decade in the market, whose main focus hasbeen the development of airports in Colombia and several airports ofother countries. On this occasion I will review the Jose Joaquin deOlmedo Airport, in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Undoubtedly one of the most relevant aspects of Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 is the technology it uses to recreate the world in 3Dand the level of realism that can be achieved. However, if theinformation from Bing Maps is not up to date, it may be that thisrepresentation is not as real as you would expect.

For this reason, having developers like SierraSim is very valuable,since they considerably improve the standard scenery, especially inareas where Bing information is very old and this means that airportsare not recreated as they should.

The City

The scenery includes some of the iconic points of Guayaquil such asThe Point Tower, which to date is the tallest building in Ecuador, LaPrevisora Building, the Isidro Romero Monumental Stadium whichaccording to experts is one of the most beautiful stadiums in SouthAmerica, among other important points of the city that are highlightedin the video.



The Airport

The airport itself includes:

  • Main Terminal
  • Cargo Area
  • GA Area
  • Military base

The level of detail of the airport is very good, especially thepassenger terminal which is an excellent representation of the actualbuilding, both in its design and the textures used in it.



The Cargo Area, GA and the Military Base are quite simplestructures that are very well represented in this scenery and againthe correct use of the textures of the buildings and hangars give agood level of realism to the scenery.


If there is something that I consider should be improved, it is thetextures of the green areas of the airport because apparently thedeveloper used the standard textures and in some of them you can seeparts of clouds from the satellite image which definitely does notlook good.


Another aspect that I consider can be improved is the lighting atnight. In general the lighting of the objects added in the city isvery good, however at the airport you can see that the areas areilluminated, but there are no visible lights. That is, the lighting isthere but the lights are missing.




The price of this scenery is below $15, so we could consider thatit is an economic scenery if we compare it with other similarproducts, however this does not mean that it is a simple product orthat it lacks some important aspect, on the contrary I think that youget a very good product at a very good price.

I believe that SierraSim has done a very good job on this product.The inclusion of several iconic points of the city significantlyimproves the appearance of the city from the air, and in what has todo with the airport, the improvement versus the standard scenery ishuge, partly because of the outdated information from Bing, but mainlybecause of the level of detail of the airport objects and the correctuse of textures.

In the video you can see each of these aspects, and I hope it willbe useful for those who are thinking of purchasing this scenery.



Diego Vega


Purchase Sierrasim Simulation – SEGU José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport for MSFS

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