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Thread: Learning to use the Garmin 430

  1. Default Not getting full functionality from "430" KNOBS

    Have an issue with the Reality XP Garmen GNS430. Same issue with Archer, A36 and B58.

    I have installed the R-XP software, including the 430 trainer.

    The issue is a difference in operation between the trainer and the one in the Archer (and other DF aircraft).

    With the trainer, I can "use" the twin knobs in lower right hand corner with full function. What is missing on the Archer is the ability to PUSH in the center knob to select flight plans. This knob is functional in the trainer, just not in the aircraft.

    With the current setup I am unable to use the 430 in the Archer or any of the other DF aircraft with it installed.

    Obviously I have done something wrong or I have some corrupt software.


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    Default RE: Not getting full functionality from "430" KNOBS

    Glad to read that someone else is having problems too?

  3. Default RE: Not getting full functionality from "430" KNOBS

    I should have posted here also. I found the "Fix". Actually it is just a misdirected "hotspot". The hot spot for "pushing" the small center knob is to the left almost all the way to the "Prog" button. Full fuctionality now.


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    Default 430 Trainer

    Reading this thread I have seen references to a 430 trainer. Where do you get it?
    I actually own a 530, is there any 530 trainer that somebody knows of?


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    The link Lou posted is indeed for the GNS530 Trainer, but is later than the version generally held to be the last one to be compatible with the RealityXP gauges, having a single database rather than two (International and Americas) from the Sept. 2005 version.

    Links to the earlier ones can be found here:

    Obviously, if you want the Trainer to learn how to operate the real GNS530, the later one will be fine !


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    Another tool to utilize, a bit more expensive but well worth it, go to your local airport and check into taking an intro flight in a Garmin 430 / 530 a/c. can run up to 200 bucks for an hour or 2 but its well worth it. Nothing replaces getting a chance to play with the real thing....

    Best regards

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    Default Garmin

    Well I've taken the plunge and started getting into the beast. Have downloaded all the manuals and started fiddling around with the knobs. My problem is actually getting started. Going through the manual, or even the help files, I just end up fiddling with knobs and getting nowhere. Lets take an example. Say I want to position myself at Vancouver International, CYVR on the runway and fly a simple hop to Seattle SEA. I set CYVR as my starting location from the File menu, and then, looking at Map view I try and zoom in to see the airport, but it just zooms in to emptiness. Surely I should see the airport layout, as a start? I then find screens which flash Runway dat fields, obviously waiting for me to enter something, but don't know how to enter them. I then enter Seattle as a Direct-to waypoint, but don't seem to be able to actually see the flight plan. I have tried selecting Approach and Arrival under procedures, but don't seem to get anywhere. Then I get the message "FPL waypoint is locked". How do I actually start the flight in the trainer? There's no button that says "fly" or anything like that.

    I've looked at the tutorial references but, at the moment they seem to be a little beyond my reach.

    I think that all I'm lacking is a pointer to just get me started on a simple flight like this and I'll be on my way. I've never used GPS before, and have always use FSNav, but, well one has to move on, no?


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    Hi Stan,

    I learned the 430 by using the trainer standalone (it has its own simulator mode) along with referring to the manual. I spent several hours with it and then with use in the real plane that was it. You are going to have to spend several hours with it easily to learn all the functions and to be able navigate around its many functions with some ease.

    Not sure what you are talking about with the file menu and map view, for if you want to go KSEA to CYVR you just use a Direct to using the Direct button and enter CYVR and hit enter a couple of times. For more complex routes you would enter a flight plan, all explained in the Garmin manual.
    Lou Betti

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    Hi Stan,

    Lou is quite right about "playing" with the Trainer being the best way to learn. However a few "functionality pointers".

    1. To enter an ID Code (airport, VOR, waypoint etc.) you need a flashing cursor, which is activated by depressing the small right-hand knob. In the sim this is normally done by depressing your mouse scroll wheel when the cursor is over the small knob

    2. To select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. characters of the code, use the large RH knob

    3. To select the letter or number for each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. characters, use the small RH knob

    4. When the correct code has been fully entered, enter it with the ENT button

    5. For a Direct To waypoint the flightplan is automatically activated when you use the ENT button (one of the prompts is "Activate?")

    6. For multi-step flightplans you may have to use the MENU button and select the Activate Leg ? option.

    As for flying the route in the Trainer, there should be some controls in the Trainer window below the GNS itself (see image.) Just dial up an appropriate speed and altitude (entirely academic in the Trainer) and you can see how the GNS behaves. By default the "autozoom" option should be enabled, and as you approach a waypoint the scale should reduce a number of times until the waypoint is reached, when the scale will zoom out again to encompass the next waypoint.

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