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Welcome to the FlightSim.Com Wiki pages.

In an effort to share valuable information, and share it faster, with the Flight Simulator community we have added Wiki pages to the site. These pages are the next step beyond forums for archiving and sharing content with other Flight Simulator and aviation enthusiasts.

The forums provide a great place for general discussion although at times some detailed and very informative messages can get lost in the volume. The Wiki will be used to capture those messages and format them for further reference by everyone. If you have written or found messages or received emails with information that many other people could benefit from, let us know here at Flightsim.com, or contact one of the writers, or consider becoming a Wiki contributor and helping create Wiki pages. This can become a great resource for yourself as well as others. Wiki pages become a great information source for feature articles, how-to’s and even tutorials later.

If you have further ideas or suggestions on making the Wiki better or more useful for you, feel free to contact us at FlightSim.Com and pass your ideas along.

Guidelines For Writers

In order to keep this information well organized and at a higher level of quality we maintain the edit permission on a group basis. General, live discussion is left the forums. If you have content or know of people with content that you would like to contribute contact us about upgrading your account to writer.

These pages are not for general discussion like the forums. They are more of a reference for valuable and informative information. Therefore we ask that you follow a few guidelines when deciding what is best to post and how you should post it.
  • Copyrights: Be sure the material is yours or you have the right to post it. Information you find in the FlightSim.Com forums you can post. Be careful not to plagiarize your material word-for-word from another site. Original material that you write and contribute is best. Although sometimes all it takes is a kind email to get permission to share another persons information.
  • Format: Make note of the format and style being used in any particuler section that would like to post information. Try to follow through with that same style when you add information. If you are not familiar with how to format your page simply view the source of a page in that section to see the codes used to make it. For the sake of other people though keep your layout and style as simple as possible.
  • Content: Content can be in the form of graphics, text, or links to other sites. Information that describes, explains or teaches someone is perfect for a Wiki page even if it doesn't come with the longer explainations, formatting and pictures that a larger article might contain. Reference material, or guildelines also provide good content for a Wiki. The information should be something a large group of people would find valuable over a long period of time.
  • Respectful: Please be respectful of other peoples information. Keep your editing of other peoples material to spelling, syntax or formating changes without changing the view or intent of the information even if it is a view you do not share. Be respectful of other sites and do not link to information on sites that do not allow it. FlightSim.Com is a very high volume site and can cause unwanted bandwidth costs by linking to smaller sites that cannot handle it.
  • Help: If you are looking for more help on how to use a Wiki, edit pages, or learn the special syntax used to format Wiki pages click here.

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