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Thread: Indicated airspeed failure problems

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    Default Indicated airspeed failure problems

    I first started having this problem in fs2000 with the Falcon 50, and it has followed me to fs2002 with the b747-400. I'm flying along on AP, some clouds appear below me, and the airspeed indicator quits. Then the auto throttle stops working properly, and I have to turn it off. I haven't flown the Falcon 50 on a high altitude, long flight yet to test it out, but the b737 seems to work fine. Does anyone out there have a solution to my problem?

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    Default RE: Indicated airspeed failure problems

    Check pitot deicing is switched on. This will cause sudden loss of the airspeed indicator if your are flying in icing conditions.

    David Australia

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    Default What are the sysmptoms?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-12-02 AT 07:08AM (EDT)[/font][p]In real world flight, icing of the pitot is not immediately obvious. Are these symptoms what your are experiencing? The needle will not simply drop to 0. Should the pitot freeze over (which incidentally is merely an air pressure comparing device) the air pressure inside will be locked in. This means that the needle freezes in place.

    Presuming that your airspeed stays constant, problems only start to occur when you change altitude. Should you descend, the air pressure outside increases. This causes the airspeed needle to fall (giving a false reading). Conversley as you climb, the needle begins to rise (again falsely).

    As you can see, both are dangerous situations, the first causing you to increase power until you exceed maximum airspeed, the second convincing you to slow down, perhaps causing you to stall.

    Is this whats happening?

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    I fly with deice on all the time and have seen this a few or 4 times. Most disconcerting when IAS drops to "000" and the a/t tries to compensate by firewalling. I drop the a/t and go manual to regain the previous g/s on the GPS...It usually comes back after a while, but I also wish I knew what causes it. It's definitely not deice, at least not in my case...


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    rhomboidrelease Guest

    Default RE: Indicated airspeed failure problems

    Thanks for the replies. Come to think of it, I don't know that I've ever flown with deicing on, so, I'll have to give it a try. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person with this problem. Maybe its not a deicing problem, but now at least I've got something to try. Thanks.

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    Default RE: What are the sysmptoms?

    Alas, Fs2000/2002 doesn't duplicate the real world situation. When the pitot decides it's frozen, it stops reading altogether.

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