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Thread: Is there such a thing as a aircraft converter?

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    Default Is there such a thing as a aircraft converter?

    Greetings fellow Flight Simulator Aviators,

    I have heard something about an aircraft converter, does it exist, where can I get it?

    If it does exist what is it really?


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    Default RE: Is there such a thing as a aircraft converter?

    Yes it exists, but you no longer need it. It was used to convert aircraft made previous to FS98 to FS98 format.
    Everything from FS98 to today is compatible with FS2K2

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    The aircraft converter I am aware of (faconv.exe) was found included with MS FS98. When I discovered this for the first time in October 1999 I used it to enable FS5 and a few FS95 aircraft which I downloaded from 'Dave Middleton's Flightsim and Books Emporium' ( to be used. Conversion of the 'sim' element of a downloaded aircraft allied the 'fsfsconv' file contents which best suited the Panel and Sound files the aircraft could then be flown using. You may have seen a file in Aircraft which is still called 'fsfsconv' even though the converter which by the time I discovered it already felt obsolete to me as I was using it was completely omitted from the contents of FS2000.
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    FS98 used a different "format" than the earlier versions (FS98 used separate folders for panels and sounds) plus the .air file was less complex.

    I've had poor luck installing FS2K aircraft into FS2002. As I recall, you just needed to drop an FS2K aircraft into the Aircraft folder of FS2K2 and it would be converted automatically but it rarely works. You should also understand that FS2K belonged to a different era and simpler graphics. Virtual cockpits (VCs) were a real novelty at the time and the majority of freeware aircraft didn't use them.

    If you're wondering about running FS9 aircraft in FS2K2, in some cases it isn't an issue. In many of them you'll need to install AirEd to fix some issues like speed/stall alarms and wheel brakes. The bigger issue is what version of GMAX was used to create the .mdl file?
    Aircraft that used older versions of GMAX will be fine although you may or may not wind up with an invisible VC. Aircraft that used later versions of GMAX (which was optimized more for FS9) will load but will also be invisible in FS2K2. My rule of thumb with GMAX is that if the aircraft was uploaded prior to 2008, you should be fine. If its later than 2008, your only hope (aside from finding an older version of GMAX and the aircraft's GMAX source files) might be to look for Combat FS 2 (CFS2) conversions. You can get them here and at Avsim and Sim Outhouse. This is really handy if you're looking for some of the old FS9 Alphasim aircraft.

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