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Thread: windows xp over windows 98 se

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    Default windows xp over windows 98 se

    hello i am wondering is it worth to upgrade to windows xp over windows 98 second addition.should iget xp is it better or worse on fs2k2 on fram rates an all
    pentuim III
    nivdia tnt m64

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    rossgellar Guest

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    I myself have had a few problems when I upgraded to XP. It's definitely worth it, it really speeds up your computer. Personally, I had problems with my graphics drivers. I fixed it by going and downloading a new, updated one. But I have been getting lower framerates. It could just be my system, though. Other people have been saying they have problems with the yoke, etc.. But you should definitely do the upgrade. Don't miss the opportunity for just one program, even if it is FS2K2.


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    georgi55 Guest

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    I would say, go with XP.
    I haevn't had any big problems that will force me to go back to ME.
    384Mb SDRAM
    MS Force Feed Back Pro(game port connection)
    CH Products USB Flight Yoke
    Logitech Formula-Yellow.
    Haevn't had any problem except that Creative don't make drivers for CT4700 and I'm forced to buy new one.

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    marinlicina Guest

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    Your system seems to have no problems running XP as you have popular components that are all supported. I use XP and like it very much, it simply speeds up your system.

    I have an TNT2 M64 too and have had much trouble with the Nvidias Detonator XP drivers (23.11), I've installed 21.83 after someone on the forum told me they were also XP compatible and now the lockups are gone. So I would suggest you trying out Detonator XP (23.11), but if your PC starts locking up downgrade the drivers to 21.83.

    Good Luck !!!

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