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    Default Copyright policies?

    I was looking around the archive, and stumbeled upon this a file named It's a SAS A340 wing view by Alex Shahverdiloo. "Cool", I thought...until I looked at the preview. [Link Expired]

    Now, take a look at this photo.

    Is it just me, or is it the exact same wing? I would like to say "yes". Look at the #1 engine. The shadow from the wing and the reflection from the fuselage cross exactly where the sun is. In BOTH of the pictures.

    Sooooo...did anyone read the line below the photo? "This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission." Has Alex asked for permission to use the photo?


    How do I know? I'm the one behind the camera. I took this photo. Now, I'm not here to bitch about it or anything, but still...

    Just thought I'd tell you...


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    We can see your point - which nobody disagree!
    But why should you copyright and keep your photo so gelously?? I personally never agree with author that are keeping their files on copyrights - it does not make any difference if a files is uploaded and redistributed - or like in this case used to build a wingview! At the end of the day - you have nothing to gain in asking for permission of your file - just offer it - without of that fass for asking permission - - I find every author which like to be asked for permission of use of their work - ridicolos - I believe that those authors which offer their files as public domain - are the one that get most downloads around the web - - - rather than those who put restrictions on their works - and pretend to be emailed. With all respect is just an opinion!!


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    Default RE: Copyright policies?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-02 AT 00:51AM (EDT)[/font][p]I see your point as well, people should ask for permission. My curiosity would be are you using that photo in a commercial fashion and profiting? If so I figure you would have every right to complain, and a copyright would make perfect senese. You have a right to complain now as well. However, if it's just a pic and you aren't using it for your welfare, why not let people use it?
    It's a nice picture, but a copyright for a snapshot? Hell, I take pictures of my cat to get on the good side of women at work (the sensitivity racket) but I don't copyright them (unless they worked REALLY well with the women).

    At the very least, you could relentlessy tease that guy for the worst photo edit in a flight sim ever created.



    BTW, the only thing I am picking on here is the photo edit.
    Too many flames these days.

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    Default RE: Copyright policies?

    You're one of those kiddos who think that everything available everywhere is free of copyright?

    Everything available online is implicitly copyrighted UNLESS the author explicitly states otherwise.
    Many people put their photos online in the hope of attracting buyers (even if the hope is remote) or someone who may contract them to do a job (I know I would love that).
    Those photos (and everything else you find online) represent a financial investment on the part of the owner and the person hosting it. Taking it without permission is theft, for which criminal charges can be filed in any country with a legal system. Copyright violation can also be met with civil charges in almost any country.

    I have contacted the author, usual fee for unpermitted use is three times the usual charge for a photo (which can be thousands of USD).

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    DannyDang Guest

    Default RE: Copyright policies?

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-02 AT 08:14AM (EDT)[/font][p][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-02 AT 08:14 AM (EDT)[/font]

    jwenting - I suppose you got my email explaining things? If not, I suggest you check you inbox.

    Once again, I'd like to remind all of you that I'm not bitching about this. Sure, the photo is copyright-protected, but I don't mind. I contacted the guy that made the Flightsim file, and we sorted things out. As I said - I don't mind, I'm actually kinda flattered. But I think that the folks over at are more picky than I am, so I warned him about doing things like that. harm done. I just wanted to know what you guys think.

    Oh yeah - about that copyright thing. Every photo uploaded to is copyrighted, no matter what. It's nothing that I chose myself. And as I said - I'm not picky, but there are lots of professional photographers over there that make money out of their photos. They might get pissed if someone "stole" their shots.


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    Default RE: Copyright policies?

    Got your mail :)

    The harm was not so much to you as to copyright as a whole.
    Each time copyright is breached without action being taken is one more chip in intellectual property rights.
    Enough damage and nothing is left, meaning the pirates and thieves have won.

    If someone asks nicely if they can use a photo for a non-profit goal I'll more than likely tell them to go ahead. But if they take without asking they're in trouble.

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