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Thread: VFR'ing across central Florida

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    Default VFR'ing across central Florida

    Howdy howdy!

    Just did a little VFR flight across sunny central Florida today and thought I'd share a few photos. Hope you enjoy!

    After leaving KPIE (St Petersburg/Clearwater Int'l), did a quick flyby of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge...

    A gorgeous looking line of cumulus over Lakeland...

    I think this Skylane wanted to try a little formation flying ;-)...

    (Ok... after this point, I'd probably have been escorted the rest of the way by the Air Force if this weren't a simulator.) A few clouds over the Space Shuttle Landing Facility...

    Hey - look at that (wonder if it ever launches?)...

    Just a little south of Titusville, this has got to be one of my favorite cloud shots. Love those real edge clouds and FSMeteo!

    On downwind to 9R at KMLB with a little good ol' Florida haze...

    And finally, just past the threshold...

    Well, sorry for the long post, but hope you enjoyed the flight!

    See ya in the pattern!

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    just_another_flightsimmer Guest

    Default RE: VFR'ing across central Florida

    Hey Josh,
    Beautiful shots, your quality is amazing. CAn you explain the difference between the real edge pack and the real pack, coinsidently i had been looking at those on friday, but had a hard time telling the difference???? :-hmmm
    Keep up the great work
    Happy Landings,
    Daniel Lapp

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    Default RE: VFR'ing across central Florida


    Thanks for the compliments! I still am amazed at the realism of those Real Edge clouds... especially that one photo just south of Titusville... I had to shoot a double-take when I first saw that one out my window. :)

    As for the difference between the Real Edge Pack and the Real Pack, I'm not sure (beyond the obvious fact that it looks like Real Pack has some different styles of clouds, where the Real Edge Pack just seems to have one basic cloud shape that gets stretched as needed).

    I'm honestly more excited about their High Level Cloud Pack. Did you see the preview on that one? It looks absolutely incredible! Finally, real looking high-altitude clouds... cirrus, cirro-stratus, contrails.... ahhh :D

    See ya in the pattern!

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