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    Ok guys...I got FSScreen but i can't find the pics i took...mind telling me where to find them???i have a flight i wanna show u

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    Well, to start things off I would advise that you use Grabber2K (aviable somewhere) rather then FSscreen. But, anyways, when I used FSSCREEN I found my files in the root C:\ dircectory. If they are not there try a search for them!

    Hope this helps! :-)
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    There is a README file with the program. Read that, it will tell you.

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    FS SCreen will put the .bmp images in the directory you've put fsscreen.exe . Everytime you've hit printscreen, a new bmp will be saved.

    The images will be called fscr000.bmp (for the very first image)thru to whatever the last screen shot you took (eg:fscr075.bmp)

    Personally, I've got mine in FS2002/screendumps/ just so I know where everything logically is. If you've forgotten where you've put fsscreen.exe, just do a search for it! Start -> Find -> Files .

    Hope this helps.

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    If you have Paint Shop Pro (either full or evaluation version) use 'browse' to open up all your FSS pics at once.

    Regards from downunder

    jonboy ;-)

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