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    Hello all,
    I've just had to repurchase cfs3 because my disk one got tossed out with a failed drive (despite my not to the tech that I thought there was a disk in the drive...)

    After countless hours of trying to go thru MS for a replacement disk, I just gave up! It is totally confusing and seem like they want you to pay for a teck support call first... Has anyone actually gone thru MS and gotten a replacement disk, and if so, how did you do it?

    Is ther any way (legal) that I can backup my disk 1 so I don't run into this problem again?

    Thanks for any help,


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    Well, I got my answer: No, there is no LEGAL way to copy the disk (This is from MS).

    Also, it turns out to be just as cheap (and MUCH easier!) to just find the product at reputable "big box" stores. MS wanted all sorts of proof of purchase (for a tech support fee they will look in their "registered" products database and find t5he info for you...$

    Then they charge you like $30 bucks. I bought my replacemet at E&B for $34 out the door - with no hassels.

    I now have a SUPER-PRIORITY program in place to insure that not only are my disks put away in jewel cases after each use, but that I handle them like they are precious metals as well!



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    Would it be legal now to copy the disk? Microsoft said it is okay to copy, and it is no longer in support. I wouldn't think there is anything wrong with that.

    My disk is damaged. It worked to play the game, but when I went to re-install after I upgraded to Windows 10, it will no longer install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songsmyth View Post
    Well, I got my answer: No, there is no LEGAL way to copy the disk (This is from MS)...............
    Hi David,

    I think you have been mislead by MS - read the EULA (End User License Agreement). A copy is normally installed within the root directory, usually called EULA.htm or something similar. If no copy is in the root directory there will be a copy on the disc.

    Most software related EULAs state that you can make one backup copy of the software. (or similar). Likewise, in this age of 'digital download only' material, the EULA will often give you the legal right to backup the downloaded material.

    BTW - for future reference, if you get a disc stuck in a drive (whether it has failed or simply won't eject the disc) look at the front of the drive and locate a small hole - this houses an emergency ejection button. Insert a small piece of wire into the hole (paper clips work great) and push and, in most cases, the disc will be ejected
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