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    Greetings All,

    I never got FS2002Pro, and I know that all the required files for gmax were included with the product. I have FS9, and I've downloaded gmax from Discreet, but my investigations have shown that the I still need some required plug-ins.

    Am I stuck waiting until Microsoft releases the plug-ins again so I can use gmax with FS9?



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    You can download the SDK's for FS2002 here:

    The one you'll want is the MakeMDL SDK. It comes with a document explaining how to use it (sort of). As long as you follow the SDK, any plane made for FS2002 will work with FS2004. There were a couple of changes and additions that came with FS2004. Though people know what most of the changes were, no one quite knows about the additions. I think FS9 comes with an updated version of the makemdl.exe program somewhere in the installation (version 1.2)

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    >You can download the SDK's for FS2002 here:
    >The one you'll want is the MakeMDL SDK.

    And of course you must have the FSModelExp.dle installed, which is NOT AVAILABLE except on the FS2k2/Pro CD's... legally, that is.

    If someone really wanted it though, there are at least three places where it may be found, but you have to "" it... :)
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