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Thread: Is website down?

  1. Default Is website down?

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if the shop's website is down as I wanted to order some stuff, but the site won't load.


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    Works for me :D

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    Thanks for the answer, but it won't load so far, and I've tried 3 different computers. It's weird because it did work this morning, then I've been trying it throughout the afternoon and evening but to no avail.


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    Default RE: Is website down?

    The Pilot Shop is up and running normally.

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    Thanks for the answers, I finally got the site loaded and placed the order!


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    FSPILOTSHOP is down I'm guessing??? Will NOT load in either browsers.


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    I can't seem to get into fspilotshop either and I have a considerable investment from there. Most of it is backed up but occasionally I have had to fetch some stuff there. Also any software update you often have to fetch from the seller. Not having at least a functional server that we can access is potentially a huge problem.

    This begs the question? If the hosting company goes belly up does the software provider have to provide an update for you? In some cases its already like this but often you have to re download from the seller!

    Darn I just bought a plane from them last week. Luckily I backed that one up. However I bought a few things over 4th of July on sale and I was about to fetch it when the site went down. Also about 3 weeks ago I bought the Milviz Beaver, Otter and Turbo Otter. I got the Beaver and Otter and was about to download the Turbo Otter but before I did the website vanished. I guess rule #1 always download your stuff right away but I was not expecting this!

    Not being warned of the pending shutdown if this is what it is then its Chicken Poo. I think even when one other website shut down the servers were up for a period of time so people can fetch stuff.

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    They give me a password reset link but it goes nowhere. I have so much stuff on there and now I need the download for the aerosoft AB 320/321 to get most updated version. Ticks me off.

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    Just click on the banner at the top of the page, and you’ll be taken to the best flight sim store around.


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    I can't believe this thread was created over 13 years ago...............
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