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Thread: Flattening Areas

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    Default Flattening Areas

    Can anyone relate to me as how to flatten a specific area such as a hill of water in the middle of a lake or water running up the side of a cliff and do it in such a way so a novice such as I can understand it. I tried to understand the microsoft SDK Terrain thing I downloaded from their website but there's just too many dangfangled high dollar words in it for this old country boy to understand. A step-by-step walk through would be most helpful. I have some lake scenery that I would dearly love to straighten out. Any help will be greatly appreciated...Tripleace KGCM

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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    I just spent an hour and a half writing a nice tutorial reply for you...and when I tried to post it it disappeared?!?! The time limit on posts here the heck am I supposed to create something as detailed as that, with screenshots...and not have the timer run out? S-I-G-H!!

    I will try again, using Notepad, and just copy it here...sheeesh!!


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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    You will need 3 programs, all are free:

    1. FSTflatten.exe which is a part of the "". Follow the install instructions.
    2. FSUIPC (free). This is required for FSflatten.exe to "link" to FS9 (you only need the free, unregistered version).
    3. "". this installs 3 crosshairs, as aircraft, to use for placing objects or marking areas accurately...follow the install


    Once all that is done...create a flight using the 9M crosshair you installed as an aircraft...

    ...and use the nearest airport to the area you need to flatten. Once the flight has started, go to "slew" mode (Y) and move your

    crosshairs to the actual area in question...

    If your crosshairs are not resting on the surface of the water, use the "A" key to lower your crosshairs until they rest on the

    surface. Start FSTflatten.exe and have it over your FS9 Spot View...

    Enter a unique name for the "area" you are about to create (that's what your doing...creating a small BGL to flatten this area). In

    my example It's "alcan3" (I had to create 5 areas of flattening for this addon scenery...this is #3). Your crosshairs actual elevation

    is shown at the bottom (350 in this example) enter it in the box above.

    Now, position your crosshairs, on the surface, just outside of the area you want to flatten and click the "Add Vertex" button in

    FSTflatten window. We are going to surround the offending "hump" to mark the area we want flattened. Once you have created your first

    vertex you can move to another point, around the perimeter of the "hump" to creat another vertex (you may need to zoom in, on the FSTflatten map, to see this better)...we want to ALMOST box it in (more

    on this in a minute!). It is extremely important that, as you move around the area you want to flatten, that you move in a

    COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction!! This is absolutely necessary!! Move aways, stop, click "Add Vertex" and move to the next point. You DO

    NOT (and probably should not) attempt to complete an entire "circle" around the "hump"...just get close, as in one move away, and

    click the "Link Vertices" will finish the circle for you...

    In the above shot, the purple lines are me moving my crosshair to the next position. The Blue dots are where I "created vertex". The

    "start" is where I created my FIRST vertex...the "finish" is where I created my last. At that point I clicked the "Link Vertices"

    button and the "circle" around the desired area is automatically completed (the blue lines). The green circle is just my addition to

    give you a better idea of the fictional will not really appear on the map.

    At this point you just click "Create BGL (s)" button and a file will be created in the FSTflatten folder...named for your unique name

    (in my case "alcan3.BGL").

    Now...if the problem area is associated with some addon scenery, add this BGL file to the addon scenerie's "scenery" folder (not

    "texture"!). As an example, I would have put this "alcan3.bgl" here: "X:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon

    Scenery\alcan\Scenery". If this is NOT part of some addon scenery correction then just plunk it down in "X:\Program Files\Microsoft

    Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\Scenery". The next time you start FS9, you should see it updating scenery during the startup.

    Hope that helps!


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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    Vic... I have two of the three required items but am unable to find the "". Where can I find this item. I've looked in FlightSim, Avsim and Simviation. Andy

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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    If you browse around the site it also offers some tips.


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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    Thought I'd use the short msg this time. I got it figured out and up and running. Can't thank you enough for the help and info. Been looking for this very info for years....Is there an easy way of removing the default bldgs? When my sliders are all the way to the right some bldgs show up in the middle of roads etc. Anyway this flattening business will keep me busy for awhile. Thanks again Vic. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this project. Ya'll have a really great day...Andy ( If you want to contact me by mail my address is [email protected])

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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    Yep...for removing stuff you make an "exclude.bgl". It basically the same's what I use:

    1. "" (same basic process except it build a square around an item with 2 clicks).
    2. "". A great tutorial (for the above) plus some other programs needed. Been awhile since I've used these two, but it worked well in the past.
    3. And this note:

    "CORRECTION for the Exclude Builder Tutorial.

    My apologies!
    The Exclude Builder programs requires FSConnect by Russel Dirks in order to interface with FS2004 - NOT FSUIPC as stated in the tutorial.
    If you do not already have it, this file may be downloaded from -
    You simply install the FSConnect.dll in your modules folder.
    Once again I apologize for the error in the tutorial.
    David "Opa" Marshall
    [email protected]"

    Here's another program I haven't tried...but found laying around the storage HD:


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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    Vic..Got all the required material but when I try to open the exclude.exe I get the following message..Class not registered. You need the following file to be installed on your machine,MSSTDFMT.DLL.I got the "dll" but have no idea where to put it. Any ideas what's goin' on? I looked in all the sim's for the other program ( with no joy....

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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    Mine is in C:\WINDOWS\system32. Are you running XP? If not that may just be the first of many error messages?

    DLL's are usually in C:\WINDOWS\system32. But XP has a funky habit of looking for them elsewhere. C:\WINDOWS\system32 should work.

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    Default RE: Flattening Areas

    I'm running XP Media Center 2005 which Dell tells me it's the same as XP Pro. Just dropped that msstdfmt.dll in the system 32 folder and will go see what happens. Will let you know..Andy

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