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Thread: FS Autostart / FS AOM

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    Default FS Autostart / FS AOM

    I looked at the FlightSim forum on FS AOM; sounds like there is an issue with Tech Support. Anyone use / like using this program? I immediately saw value in the FS AOM "concept" when I checked out the website, perhaps that's because I'm new to FS. Is there another program of this type that reliably does what it says it will do and has good support?

    I also saw FS Autostart, different function than FS AOM. Sounds good on paper, but again, does it reliably do what it says it will do? Comments on this one?

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    I’ve used both programs for over two years and wouldn’t be without either one. Although manually adding planes, panels, and liveries is an important thing to learn, especially for trouble shooting, I recommend using FSAOM for speed and flexibility in adding and removing aircraft from FS9. There’s a bit of a learning curve and as far as support, your best bet is the manual. I love it and have never had a problem with it. As far as I’m concerned I’ll never fly without FSAutostart. It works great for my system and the support from the author, Ken Salter is outstanding.

    Give em a try, good luck!


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    Forget FSAOM, get FS manager a free download by RANA HUSSEIGN. It does all FSAOM does for free.

    I have treid to contact Manfred MURHRER several times even poted on his web site and still no answer?
    Not the sort of support you want for a paid for product!

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    Default RE: FS Autostart / FS AOM

    I agree. FS Manager is a terrific configurator and starter.


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    I use FS Autostart all the time and it works great. Don't really know how much 'horsepower' I'm regaining by using it, but considering all the 'stuff' it shuts must be doing something ;)
    Brian W Keske

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