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Thread: Intermittent Parking Brake Release with Pro Pedals?

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    Default Intermittent Parking Brake Release with Pro Pedals?

    With the CH Pro Pedals, if I have the parking brake activated, pressing my toe brakes does not release the parking brake unless I keep pressing them over and over again. I can tap the pedals a few times and they usually release.

    I do not believe it is a mechanical hardware problem or the old broken wiring bit as they work flawlessly 100% of the time for differential brakes. I guess it could be a different wire for release, but this would seem to be unlikely as the same is true for both pedals, and activation of the toe brakes shows no problem.

    I do also have the "X" and "Y" Axis reversed for both pedals.

    No biggy as it is simple enough to press the assigned key and release the parking brake. By key opperation there is no problem by activation or releasing and toe brakes show no problems at all with the pedals.


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    Default RE: Intermittent Parking Brake Release with Pro Pedals?

    I assume you have gone thru the calibration process, and verify your key and joystick/pedals assignments?

    I had a similar probelm with my CH pedals, except the pedals would trigger brakes at the slightest touch.

    In addition to wires "broken' (open sircuit) there is a possibility of shorted wires (closed circuit). For example if the trigger wires that apply the brakes were shorted, or touching together, the brakes would not release. Your tapping on them a few times may break this connection so they release. However if you are able to release brakes by the keyboard, and they are not on again, that throws that theory out the virtual window.

    I'd go for the calibration theory here. With the brakes 'on',press the toe brakes, then wiggle the wires and see if these cause the brakes to release or anything, or cause the brake message to flash.
    Do you have the Control Manager downloaded from CH? IF not you can try using that to se the control profile of the yoke and pedals.

    Just a little brainstorming here, so good luck!

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