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Thread: Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

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    Default Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

    Hey Guys,

    How do I get ATC to stop calling my newly downloaded (and magnificent) Spartan "experimental." I don't have Edit Voicepack, so hopefully that's not required. I don't need it to call me "Spartan" but I'd prefer to hear nothing than "experimental."


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    Default Maybe I can help....

    Go to the Aircraft.cfg file and look for a line that says something like:



    ui_manufacturer = experimental

    and change the "experimental" to "Spartan"

    I have my doubts if it will work, as FS9 probably does not recognize Spartan as a call-out.

    I have the XB-70, and it was always called "experimental" and then I changed "ATC_Airline=experimental" to "ATC_Airline=Air Force" and now I'm called "Air Force November 2001"

    Ummm... I just tried it, I changed my XB-70 .cfg to read "Spartan" (instead of Air Force) and it did not work.

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    Default RE: Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

    Go into the aircraft config and scroll down to the section that says General (right below the section for each aircraft). You'll see two entries: atc_type= and atc_model=. If your config is like mine, there's no entry behind the = signs, so ATC considers you to be experimental. With more modern aircraft, the type would be the aircraft manufacturer, example: atc_type=Boeing (or Douglas, etc). The model is the particular aircraft, example: atc_model=B738 (or 737, or 737-800). Atc doesn't seem to be too particular.

    As far as the Spartan goes, you can show Spartan as the type and Executive as the model, BUT since it's an old aircraft, M$FS may not recognize it and continue to call you an experimental, just like it doesn't recognize a number of airlines. Try it and see. I left mine blank for no good reason I can give.

    The same type and model entries work on all aircraft.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default RE: Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

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    Default RE: Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

    FS can't recognize "Spartan" as a manufacturer if it doesn't know how to say it. That's where EditVoicepack comes in... it's pretty easy to set up, and free as well. And then you can import the Spartan voicepack mod so that FS will recognize not only "Spartan" but "Executive" as well.
    Bill Womack

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    Default RE: Stop calling my Spartan "experimental"

    EditVoicePack is freeware and very handy to have around.

    A Spartan Executive mod file for uploading to EditVoicePack is available in the library, but the most recent news is the calls for "Spartan Executive" were accepted by Lars at EVP. If you get EVP or update your EVP all the goodies are already included.

    Just add the following to the Spartan's aircraft.cfg under the "General" heading:

    atc_type =SPARTAN
    atc_model =7W

    in the library too
    Brent aka "dogknot"

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