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Thread: transferring instruments to another monitor

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    Default transferring instruments to another monitor

    n Fs2k2 I used to display some instrument views and the Squakbox on a second monitor. I have a 2 monitor/2 cards setup.
    FS2k2 doesn't let me undock the instrument views unless I'm running it in windowed mode, and my FR decreases while doing so.
    If I switch to Full Screen with the instrument window on the other monitor, the rest of that screen goes black and I assume I won't be able to display Squakbox.
    So, what to do?

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    Default RE: transferring instruments to another monitor

    Here's some reading on dual display in FS9 >

    Also, dual display is covered extensivly in the read me's and help files in FS9.

    Hope there's something there that helps,

    Randy Burton

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    Default RE: transferring instruments to another monitor

    thanks I'll check the help files too.

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