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Thread: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

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    Default Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    I'm getting that one ..actually started getting it somewhere onwards this spring ..
    i read countless posts and tried almost everything suggested ..
    i kinda came to the conclusion- or I might be wrong that lots of people is getting it during sunset or sunrise ...
    Can please folks that do fall in this category post here .. maybe we can find the culprit of it ..

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    Default RE: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    I Too have had this problem for at least 2 years and the only explanation from MS (India) was that the Win XP firewall causes it. Let me ask if you are you using real-weather (15 min updates)when you get this error? It has taken me seven months to get MS to admit there is an error in MSFS. Have you called MS Games support (which is a joke) for help on this? (i.e. you have a SRX #)

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    Default RE: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    In my case there's definitely not a case with weather update ..cause i'm gettin the error even when i'm not using weather updates ... as said in my case generally it happens during the sunset and sunrise ...
    but thats and interesting sugestion .. firewall ... maybe some component is under certain conditions trying to acces the internet thru a port which firewall is blocking ....
    Have you tried disabling your firewall and testing it?

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    Default RE: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    I have hade the same problem and I have also noticed that it happens at sunset or sunrise. I am thinking it could be a sunrise/sunset texture that was installed some time ago but thats a hard one to pinpoint. It doesn't happen right away but after flying around for a while and then doink, there goes the error code. This is the 3rd computer this has happened with so I have just learned to fly at high noon.


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    Default RE: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    This is Tushar with Microsoft Technical Support services. I am sending this
    e-mail to find out if the troubleshooting steps indicated below helped resolve
    the issue related to Flight Simulator 2004 we spoke about on the telephone.

    The following is a brief recap of what we talked about on the telephone. If you
    would please reply to this e-mail and let me know the results of the steps I
    would greatly appreciate it.

    I hope that once we have disabled the Windows firewall that might have helped us
    to resolve this issue. I tried calling back but was unable to get in touch with

    You can also call us back and we will be glad to further assist you if needed. I
    am also including the Microsoft Support site that contains a list of support
    options available to our customers: <>.

    The above has not helped in regards to the R6025 error!
    The sunrise/sunset theory is interesting as well! I have always seen the error when looking at some type of body of water at all times during the day/night. But I don't always get the error! Sometimes its just a lockup with no error message ans then it does not always shown in the error log. Hopefully we can all track this one down and fix it!

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    Default RE: Pure virtual function call - error r6025

    Another idea to try : ATC /Traffic !!!

    As i posted in another thread related to this misterious R6025 error ...
    I was testing mine and kinda came to the conclusion that this dawn/dusk case error could be traffic related.... since traffic is running on some schedule ...and it could be possible that some corrupted aircraft or some related activity coincides with dawn/dusk times ...

    For those who haven't tried yet- try disabling all traffic in FSIM .... and if no results try selectively disabling IFR and GA ....

    Hope this helps at least to someone :)

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    Default I don't have a clue what this means,

    but, here is a link to Microsoft's explanation for these errors.;en-us;125749

    It makes absolutely no sense to me, but may to you.

    [font color=red]EDIT: It looks like you will have to copy/paste the entire URL above in order to go to that page.[/font]


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    Default RE: I don't have a clue what this means,

    First of all THANK-YOU to all the people who are trying to help out on this issue!!!

    In my case the AI traffic has has NO bearing on the R6025 Issue. I have tried it with no AI traffic, with AI traffic, NO add-on scenery, all add-on scenery (1143 layers as of 8-13-05), default aircraft, all 1456 add-on aircraft, page file, NO page file, on a SCSI raid-0, on a SATA raid-0, ATI card, Nvidia card, any many many other combinations and have NOT been able to pin point what exactly causes the error cause there is no consistancy.

    I have looked at all that Microsoft has printed on the error and had people with good C++ knowledge look at the program to NO avail. It is mostly an Outlook Express, Power Point issue.

    The error, for me, will most likely happen if I look down after leaving the Chicagoland area flying towards the west coast around the Quad cities (Mississippi River) OR Northwest towards Alaska over the Madison area (two area lakes) OR towards Atlanta around Louisville, (Ohio River). I have NO missing or changed water textures! NONE! It's NOT a Texture issue! If I have added new scenery, which rebuilds the database I am more likely NOT to have the issue for that one flight and if I do make it past the problem areas I will not have the error ever on that one flight! It just baffles me to no end! But once again a THANK-YOU do all those trying to help!

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    Default RE: I don't have a clue what this means,

    >but, here is a link to Microsoft's explanation for these
    >It makes absolutely no sense to me, but may to you.
    >[font color=red]EDIT: It looks like you will have to
    >copy/paste the entire URL above in order to go to that

    This explanation is for programmers. Others can't really use it for anything (well, and programmers shouldn't rally need this explanation so I wonder why it is there) :)
    Developer of EditVoicepack

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    Default RE: I don't have a clue what this means,

    Yes in a nutshell the error we get is a not responding issue.
    It is caused by some add-on somewhere. A 100% default (9.0 or 9.1) stock out-of-the-box setup will not/should not get this message. A bgl or AF_2 file which has NO faults found in AFCAD or a texture is causing a not responding loop to occur and hence the error message.

    NEW Question: Of those people who get this error do you always have the message or does it sometime lock-up with no message and NO error in the event viewer? In my case it is a 50-50 chance that I will get the error logged.

    News flash (for what it's worth) As I am typing this reply Steve Ballmer (From MS) called to say that tech support (games division) is looking into a combination that the ATC and the Windows firewall may have a issue with the fs9.exe on some rare cases and cause a C++ Virtual function call error (R6025). It is explained that the firewall (internet connection) has some sort of an issue and fails to respond (but NOT bad enough to get the failed internet real weather error) and then the ATC has a unknown problem which cause the R6025.
    Of course the knockout is always the third party add-ons but the cause is in the fs.9 (9.0/9.1) exe.

    Take it for what it's worth. I know some people have to internet going and still get the issue and others say sunrise/sunset textures.

    EDIT: I did ask again whether all the dlls should be updated after the 9.1 patch and was told yes including the trafficInfo.dll but they know that it does not with the patch and "don't believe it should cause undo harm to flying a STOCK FS9". They are probably correct!

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