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Thread: Flying the Vimy across the pond - Any tips?

  1. Default Flying the Vimy across the pond - Any tips?

    I'm planning to do a real-time recreation of Alcock & Brown's 1919 transatlantic flight and wondered if anyone with experience of the Vimy or this kind of trip could offer any tips or advice (apart from the obvious "Don't do it!")

    After a few trial flights my main concerns are speed and fuel consumption. Alcock and Brown's average ground speed (approx 116 mph) seems nigh-on impossible to achieve even with a strong tailwind. Arriving in Ireland with around 250 gallons of fuel still in the tank (as I belive A&B did) also seems extremely unlikely.

    Any words of wisdom or reassurance?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I guess to recreate some of the difficulties these two faced, you'll need to get a raft of friends to help.

    The first thing would be to get your seat mounted on something that allows it to be flung around a bit. Then, your friends should take shifts standing behind you and every few seconds give you a bump, or a nudge, and then every so often for a while fling you round quite roughly. This should be done throughout the whole flight.

    Secondly, the room where you do the flight should be equipped with an air conditioner and a couple of strong fans, and your friends should spray you with water, while the air conditioner blows cold air and the fans blast the cold air at you, this should also be done for the whole flight.

    Thirdly, after a few hours, a large stereo speaker on your right hand side, a few inches from your ear, should suddenly roar the engine note at 100 decibels to imitate the loss of the silencer on that side. This racket should continue for the rest of the flight.

    Finally, several times through your flight, you should be blindfolded, and one of your friends take the controls and set the Vimy up in a vertical bank 100' off the ocean, with overcast doown to 50', and then whip the blindfold off and get you to recover. This will at least in part testyour flying skills against Alcock's.

    If you do in fact make it to Ireland, then you might start to get a small inkling of what the two aviators faced.

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    Default RE: Flying the Vimy across the pond - Any tips?

    Also, if I remember correctly, one of them had to repeatedly climb out of the cockpit to clear away ice.

    I've considered this flight since I wanted to work my way through the historical flights and did actually finish the Flight of the Vin Fiz (in the Cub). I haven't tried this one yet (time constraints) although I did tool around in the Vimy for a little bit. The only advice I could offer would be to use a throttle quadrant. I have the CH Products 6 axis TQ and differential thrust is the only way to taxi that beast. It also helps you control better in turns.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    Default RE: Flying the Vimy across the pond - Any tips?

    Make a couple pots of coffee for the trip.

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