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Thread: views panning down dont work

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    For an extended period of time Ive been trying to increase my outside window views to pan downward so as not to always look straight ahead. I went to the assignments and added a view to pan downward with my logitech 3d pro and it works great for the forward window ahead but as soon as I try to switch views to the side windows the panning
    (to pan down somewhat )dosent work. any way to solve this. I did call logetech but they said it was something that I would have to solve with microsoft. any help would be appreciated. can everyone pan downward like in 2002 or am I the only one.????? larry

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    There is no panning down from inside the cockpit. LF, Rear LF, RT . Rear RT, Straight, foward upperLF, Foward Upper RT, Foward, LF, Foward RT.. Dont think I forgot any.

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    I use still FS8, so my advise may be off for FS9, but have you tried using [shift+enter] for pan-down and [shift+backspace]for pan-up? Works in all cockpit and spot views. If this doesn't work you can adjust the view angle in the panel.cfg file, eg of one of mine for POSKY'S A332:

    VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=1.0, 0.0, 0.0
    VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_DIR=6.0, 0.0, 45
    VIEW_RIGHT_DIR=5.0, 0.0, 90
    VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_EYE=0.0, -0.0, 2.0
    VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_DIR=-1.0, 0.0, 135.0
    VIEW_REAR_EYE=5.0, 0.00, -31.55
    VIEW_REAR_DIR=-0.8, 0.0, 284.0
    VIEW_REAR_LEFT_EYE=0.0, -0.0, 2.0
    VIEW_REAR_LEFT_DIR=-1.0, 0.0, 224.0
    VIEW_LEFT_DIR=5.0, 0.0, 270
    VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_DIR=6.0, 0.0, 315

    I can't remember the exact field, but pick for example "rear right eye" or "direction" and change either the first or second value within the string. I know one of these changes eye-angle up/down.
    Hope something works for you and good luck!

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    In FS2004, there is no pan down capability in any other view but the default (forward) one. Though you cannot pan down in the other views, there is a next best thing.

    You can accomplish a panned-down right or left view by panning left or right from center view that has been panned down. In order to do this, you must add this line to your FS9.cfg file in the CONTROLS section:


    Then, start FS9, go into options/controls/assignments and assign keystrokes to Look left(pan) and Look right(pan). I use CTL-9 and CTL-0. You can then pan left or right using the keystrokes you assigned. If your forward view is panned down, so will your left or right pans be.

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    Thanks, I just learned something about FS9. If I understand you correctly, you can only pan-down from the forward view, so in effect you have to do this then slew the view left or right,(after modifying the FS9 .cfg file). L/R slewing of the view is something you can't do (to my knowledge) in FS2002, but I seem to remember you could with FS98. Does adjusting the view in the panel.cfg file I mention before work in FS9?

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    Yes you can pan the view L & R as well as Up & Down in FS2002. Just execute the instructions posted by bonneville (above) and it will work. This actually originated with FS2000, but don't ask my why. And yes, you could in FS98 without modifying anything.

    Cal (CYXX)

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    Don't know if this will help, as it's done from SPOT view. I assigned a button on joy to 'view right (pan)' (depress button once, to move, or hold down button to keep panning around) so I could 'look' to my LEFT (yes, LEFT).

    When in 2D view it works different, as noted. But, in VC mode, with NO VC panel, you can use button to pan, and hat switch to look up/down, 360, top-to-bottom, and in between. Problem is you don't have any way of knowing what exact direction you are looking toward.

    So, (in spot view) you will be LOOKING to the LEFT, as the camera 'view' 'pans' to the right (I know, it don't 'sound' right, but it works). I then use hat switch to 'look' (pan?) up and down. I have AC (set to 1x, 70-80 ft, 0 elevation on view options) which I use for 'reference' to determine in what direction I am looking, which is why it 'works'. I think this is close to what you want. Then, when finished 'looking' and want to return to 'normal' view, just hit the space bar! Wala! Hope this helps.

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