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Thread: R/C float plane recommendation?

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    Default R/C float plane recommendation?

    A family member has a lakefront vacation home and I have long thought we should pool resoures and get an R/C float plane of some sort. Though novices at R/C, the household and regular guests consist of retired and active major airline ATPs, CFIs, NFOs, and the odd simmer, some of whom are also engineers and technicians of varied fields and experience. What is a good way to get started? What are the major pitfalls? Is this certain to end as a thousand dollar splash?

    I have seen pictures of a Cub on floats, which looked pretty good.

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    Probably considerably more. Even "Real Life" pilots do not JUST jump in to R/C planes. There is little in common between the two. One usually starts out with an "Almost Ready to Fly" kit, or a "Trainer" right out of the box that can withstand "Crashes" that will ultimately occur while you learn.

    No one with any experience with R/C planes would recommend you start out with a Cub on floats. Most likely a 1/4 Scale Cub on floats would be very hard to find, and after you forked over the cash required, you might be a little reluctant to RISK ruining your considerable invesment while learning. You would have to build one yourself while you learn to fly a more crashworthy trainer. SPOFF

    EDIT: There are FLIGHT SIMS out there designed specifically for learning to fly R/C. Good luck.

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    Default RE: R/C float plane recommendation?

    Trust me on this one. I have been an R/C modeler since 1988 and a private pilot since 1998, you will not learn to fly an R/C model on floats without a lot of crashes and forking out plenty of money.

    If you do insist on going the float plane route, find an experiencced R/C modeler not a pilot. Sad to say that in my experience the bigger the rating the worse the r/c pilot. You are not sitting in the cockpit with gages and warnings to help you. You totally rely on what you see in the sky, making the right stick movements. First time the plane flys towards you, I will bet dollars to doughnuts that a crash will occur. The R/C modelers out there know exactly what will happen.

    My suggestion is to contact the Academy of Model Aeronautics. AMA. Then check out the Tower Hobbies catalog and THEN decide if you really want to go this route.

    One time we ran a radar gun on your typical .40 trainer. It was capable of 60MPH in a dive and about 40MPH in level flight. Doesn't sound like much till you stand by a street and let a car go by you at those speeds. At a mile a minute that 62inch wingspan plane gets tiny in a hurry. I know from experience and a long hike.

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