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Thread: DF727 or ATR 72-500

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    Default DF727 or ATR 72-500

    Hi there,

    I have been a reader of this forum on and off for over a year and I am finally lookin at buying some payware addon's.

    I am curious what people think is better the DF727 or the ATR 72-500 from ?

    I am a junkie for graphics and have a system that should be able to run both those with all graphics settings on high.

    Which one looks better?

    Which one is mroe realistic?

    Any input would be great before I spend my money.


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    Default RE: DF727 or ATR 72-500

    Best that you get a perhaps biased, yet authoritative opinion first, as we developed both products. Yes, the ATR was mostly developed by DF staff (aircraft model, graphics and gauges are all from DF).

    The two products are apples and oranges. They are both equal, yet both different.

    One is a modern, automated regional turbo prop, and the other is a classic tri-jet short/medium haul jet airliner.

    For what they are they are both very realistic, and let no one tell you different.

    If you need a virtual cabin, a flushing toilet, and an FMC then get the ATR. Want working weather radar? Then get the 727.

    If you do not care about any of this, then get which one you would prefer based on the aircraft they are, and they are both VERY different. I mean, seriously, an ATR vs. a 727?

    The best part is, you can buy them BOTH, check them out, and have a 30-day money back guarantee!

    Try 'em both, and see which you prefer. Keep the one you want, and return the one you do not want. Or, return them both!

    Doesn't get much better than that. :-)

    [font size=1][font color=blue]Can you pilot a plane, instead of programming an FMC to do it for you?[/font color= blue][/font size=1]
    Lou Betti

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    Default RE: DF727 or ATR 72-500

    Though I don't own the DF727, I do own the ATR. As far as system modeling goes, I beleive anything these guys put out is the best out there. The flight modeling is amazing in the ATR as I have heard it is in the DF727.

    What I would ask you is what kind of flying you do more of. These two aircraft are quite diferent in their purposes, and times of production. If you are looking for something to handfly, go with the 727. If you like using a FMS and autopilots, go with the ATR.

    I don't think it is fair to compare the two, as they are so totally different from each other. But both of them are the best modelled aircraft for flight sim we have today IMHO.

    edit= Lou you beat me by a minute!

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    Default RE: DF727 or ATR 72-500

    1 is the best regional turbo prop airliner on the market and the other is the best classic mid-range passenger jet on the market. 2 different aircraft, but both very very nice. Depends on what kind of plane you want. Neither is "better" than the other, they're just different....


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    Default RE: DF727 or ATR 72-500

    >I am a junkie for graphics,... which one looks better.

    Especially the cockpit, and I assume you will be mostly flying from within the plane, is much more crisp and sharp on the ATR, you have a lot of panel options etc...

    >Which one is more realistic?

    The flight model of the ATR is super realistic and with the ATR you can get in and out of almost any grass strip in fs.
    On the other hand you can let the autopilot and the FMC do most of the work. It's simply more flexible.
    Until the Flight1 ATR I wasn't a big fan of turboprops but this one changed my mind completely.
    It's one of the very few payware add ons that's on my PC (and laptop)that will stay there.

    As Lou said, why not try both ?
    I did and only returned the 727 ;-)
    In the end, both of them are great


    Bernt Stolle Cpt 767 (ex Dash7 Dash8 Metro23 driver)

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    Default RE: DF727 or ATR 72-500

    one thing to bear in mind is if you need to go to the loo during a long sesion in the 727 you'll need to make seperate arrangements, but if you get cought out in the ATR you just take a walk through the cabin (after first unlocking the cockpit door) to the back of the aircraft and go to the dynamic loo, not forgetting to flush before you leave. you may also wish to take a seat in the passenger cabin and look out of the window while relaxing in one of 3 optional cabin designs, not forgetting to see your name as Pilot on the welcome plaque (and judging by other your wifes name as co-pilot).

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