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Thread: program crashes when printing app plates

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    Default program crashes when printing app plates

    When flying with atc on flight plan and given the runway for approach I pause the program and go to the noaa web site to download the approach plate. When I print the plate and return to the program the program crashes. Is this normal? Should I just print a plate in advance and change to that approach with atc? Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Default RE: program crashes when printing app plates

    I'm not sure the cause of the crashing or how to fix it, but I can offer you advice on the plates. In reality, you would have a full book of them, ussually in your flight bag. These books, called Terminal Publication Proceedures, are loose leaf pages containing STARs, DPs, IAPs and airport diagrams for the larger airports. You would ussually have the pages out that you expect for the flight, but have the other approaches on hand as ATC may give you another approach. In the real world, you could request a specific approach when you first contact approach, but MSFS only lets you do this after they've given you one.

    For full realism, I'd print out all the IAPs for your destination if applicable, especially since some approaches have higher minimums for weather conditions than others. Or if you're really into it, The TPPs expire every 56 days, the current TPP expires September 30th, at which point pilot shops will take the front page of the one's they didn't sell and send it into the FAA for a refund. If you catch them on the day they expire, you can get them for free before they throw them away. You can also do this with the Airpot Facility Directories and IFR charts. The VFR secional charts are issued about evert 6 months, so to find a free one of those, you'll have to wait until around Christmas for them. I believe it's December 23rd. You could buy them but full sets are extremely expensive (I belive it's about $360 for a full set of VFR sectionals for the US, and about $100 for all the TPPs for the US)

    I got most of my chrats and plates by getting the expireds they were going to throw away, other's are publications I need for my real world flying and just kept one of the expired sets.

    I'm sure by now that I've given you more information than you wanted. :-lol Happy flying!

    John Morgan
    Private Pilot, KGEG, P28A/G, 130+hrs, UND/SFCC Flight Center, Commercial (instrument block)

    [|Into the Blue!]

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