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Thread: Anybody using Flightsim Add On Manager (FS-AOM)???

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    Default Anybody using Flightsim Add On Manager (FS-AOM)???

    Posted this about a month ago here but no replies (what, no one uses this program?!), so I thought I would try again. Asked for help at FS-AOM's forum but it has been nearly a month and after many requests - still no help.

    If you use the AI creation portion of the program I just want to verify I am using it correctly as I cannot seem to save an updated flightplan correctly.

    Rather than go through it here if you have a moment or two to help a desperate simmer, I could use some help. Email me at [email protected] or we could use e-phone Skyp (pretty cool).


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    Default RE: Anybody using Flightsim Add On Manager (FS-AOM)???

    If anybody is using this program good they please reply to this post so everybody can have an some information. There have been a lot of post going around lately inregards to some payware programs. These are great because with everybody charging for there products now, it's nice to have some people speak up, so we are not putting our money down on junk add-ons. These post help the sim community out a lot more then the post that comes up about once a month about how many fps the human eye can see. I know I've posted here in regards to adding stuff to my yoke or other help question that have gone un answered then I see a post like the fps thing or someone taking a poll that gets 50 to 70 replys and I just get bent. So please if someone, anyone, has this product or any other product someone is asking about, say something, anything, why you like it, why you hate it, it gave your dog gas :) just something so we can be informed.

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    ponyboy Guest

    Default RE: Anybody using Flightsim Add On Manager (FS-AOM)???

    Thanks Logan for your "cheerleading" this thread. A nice fellow simmer, Peter, emailed me a work-around until the issue can be resolved. I will probably post it on the AOM forum for others.

    I am just surprised by the lack of response about this product as it is a great package (despite this little snafu), for handling and mix-n-matching aircraft, panels, sounds, etc, especially if you have several 100 of each.

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    Default RE: Anybody using Flightsim Add On Manager (FS-AOM)???

    Well, if it's of any help, I won it from a monthly contest, installed it, and promptly uninstalled it. I guess that I just couldn't see the need for such a utility. But I'm more of a hands-on guy myself, so I prefer to do add-on management myself.

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