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Thread: Utility for viewing gauges as thumbnails?

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    Default Utility for viewing gauges as thumbnails?

    I use FS Panel Studio for editing panels, adding gauges etc.

    I find it very time-consuming looking for a suitable gauge by clicking on each one in the list to see what it looks like.

    Is there a utility available which allows you to see all the avaiable gauges as small thumbnails?

    Thanks for any pointers.


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    I usually make screenshots of all the panels that I feel contain the type of gauges I am looking for in FS and store those using the name of the aircraft they belong to.
    Like this I have a nice overview, though it can still be some work to find the actual gauges in the panel.cfg.


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    Default RE: Utility for viewing gauges as thumbnails?

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    Default RE: Utility for viewing gauges as thumbnails?

    Thanks Ken.

    Downloaded it but not sure how I can use it to obtain thumbnails of my Gauges directory.


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    The main problem with FSEDIT (a program by the MS Flight Simulator guys themselves!) is that it is incapable of showing XML type gauges???!!! Well, them XML gauges have only been around since FS2002 came out some three years ago....

    Anyway, to look at gauges click on File, open, and after FSEDIT has created a list of the aircraft in FS2004 choose one (if possible one that does not use XML gauges). From the file tree click on the + sign beside the panel folder to show a list of the panels. Click on a panel of your choice and wait for FSEDIT to load all the thumbnails of the gauges in your main gauges subolder of FS. It can take several minutes...
    The quality and aspect ratio (square) of the thumbnails however is extremely variable - to the point of complete pixel jumble.


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