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Thread: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

  1. Default What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    Should I just use the default Cessna 172SP in FS9 or is there something better? I also didn't see a 152, or is a 152 and a 172 look pretty much identical that's why it isn't there?

    If there is something better that will more closely resember the actual Cessna 172 that I will be training in, where can I get it?

    I think I will taking lessons in either the Cessna 172, 172P, or the 172RG ... my lord,, there are so many different models of the 172... does anybody know what they all are and what the differences are.. maybe that will make me less confused, lol

    Thanks pilots!

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    Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    There is an updated flight model for the 172 which you can download here:

    There is a C152 by Flight1 (, it's payware.

    As for your training, try to get a C152, you'll save lots of $$$. If not, an older 172 would probably be cheaper to rent than the new 172SP. When I did my training, a 152 was $55/hour, 172 was 70/hr, and 172RG was 75/hr.

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    yeah but what I am concerned with is, if I train in a 152, will I then have to learn LOTS of new stuff before I can even fly a 172? I don't want to wind up getting my license in a 152 then turn around a hear.. you can't fly the 172 because you need additional traiing in that first... so the hopes of taking my friends and family up in the plane are shot until I train more. and this additional training may add up to what it would originally cost if I just did my whole PPL training in the 172 to begin with? what do you think?

    also, I have heard that if you train in a 152 instead of a 172, you are actually becoming a BETTER pilot because the 152 being lighter is harder to handle and thus makes you a better pilot.. is this true?

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    also, how different is the 152 versus the 172 inside and all the instrument panels, etc? how about the pedals and yoke.. are they the same exact thing on both planes?

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    Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    Jim is correct on recommending the "realsimulations" 172. It is the closest to replicating the actualy flying characteristics of a 172 there is. This file was trashed elsewhere in the forum but it was due to an incorrect installation. Get the realsim 172.

    Jim is also right about starting your training in the 152. There isn't that much difference between the flight characteristics of the 152 and the 172. There are some, like speed, weight, but really very small differences in the V speeds. I started in the 152 and later had to switch to a 172 because I gained enough weight that I exceeded the weight limits in the 152 with full fuel and an instructor. It was a simple switch. After a few hours with an instructor, I was soloing. The biggest change to me was in landing since the 172 sits a little higher off the ground. The prices Jim quoted are pretty accurate although some schools will offer an additional $5 off per hour if you buy blocks of time. Not so in the Pacific Northwest. Prices are much higher. Whatever you do, don't wait till you think you can afford it. You'll end up like me and not earn your ticket before 55. I've lost all of those years having fun. Head for the nearest 152 you can find and get with it.


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    Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    "Whatever you do, don't wait till you think you can afford it."

    Gary is so right about not waiting if you have the desire.

    I too have had the deepest desire to fly since I can remember. I always drew pictures of planes and made models of them from anything that could be glued together. Then I had to start pre-school. Truly, all my life I have loved flight and planned to do it "some day". Well, as luck would have it, I lost vision in one eye and lost the ability to ever again think about flying. Just the way it goes but I can't tell you how many times I have said if I could do it over again, I would have never "waited" until I had enought money.

    Go get that ticket and fly.


  7. Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    is flying really a truely fun experience?

    am I too big for the 152.. I am 180lbs and 6'2" tall

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    Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    >"Whatever you do, don't wait till you think you can afford
    How true, because you never will be :-lol. Might as well do it now and get it over with.

  9. Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    Well I will probably end up training in the 152 since it is cheaper, but now tell me this, is there any REALLY GOOD 152 plane sims for FS9? Has anybody used one? How does it compare to the RealSimulation's 172 plane?

    I just don't know how different a 152 and 172 are inside? such as the controls, instruments, etc.

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    Default RE: What's the BEST Cessna 172 and 152 in FS9?

    I think your making too much out of this. Just go sign up and start flying. Find a school and buy the introductory flight for $49 or whatever it is these days. You'll be assigned an instructor for the intro flight and you can ask all of your questions and concerns to the CFI. He can let you sit in both planes and you can see for yourself. There really isn't that much difference. The primary flight instruments are the same and in the same location for these two aircraft. Other differences like radios, nav instruments, and GPS can vary but that shouldn't be a concern.

    As for your question, "Is it really that much fun?" the answer is absolutely!!! There is nothing in the world like cruising cross country at 7,500 ft MSL on a clear day. It's almost spiritual.

    Go take the intro flight and you will see for yourself. The fun thing is that the CFI will let you do as much as your capable of right off the bat. I remember my first taxi was all over the place and I kept trying to correct by turning the yoke but all was no avail. He told me to place my hands on my knees and not touch the yoke. It wasn't long till I was taxiing smoothly and right on the centerline. Of course on a windy day, you have to use the yoke properly for wind direction to prevent the plane from tipping. Now for a reality check! You may be sacared on your first flight and even if you start training, you will find times where you reach a plateau and just can't seem to progress. You may even find times of fear. Keep pushing and it will all resolve itself if you are determined. Now a word of caution. Flight simming certainly helped me to learn things sooner and provided some practice but the lack of sensations is a big factor. Also, it is very easy to just end the flight by hitting the escape key in flight sim but there is no escape key in the airplane panel. You have to follow through and make the proper corrections to get back on the ground.

    Go for the flight and report back here.


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