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Thread: speed control - landing and taxing

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    Default speed control - landing and taxing

    When I land, I have trouble bringing planes to a reasonable stop. I use spoilers, reverse thrust and pump the brake button without much response. Also when I taxi the planes moves to fast and it's hard to slow down to a nice slow speed. Sometimes the only way to stop a plane is with the parking brake. Can anyone help? Thanks for a reply.

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    Hey George,

    Shoot - I hear ya! I've been flying a F-104 Starfighter a lot lately, and it comes in HOT (200kts) and has no reverse thrust. Just pop the spoilers and get on the brake. I pump them like you said, as if you just pressed and held it, in real life the wheels would lock and catch fire.

    Some planes might be a bit exxagerated I think, (I've never had the priveledge to fly an F-104, or a Learjet, etc.) and have too much "idle thrust" which makes it hard to taxi (you're always pressing brake to keep to a fast jogging pace) and even hearder to slow down.

    I'd assume you're not trying to get into too tight off a space with a fast jet though, are you? ;-) In this F-104, I don't fly into anything less than 8,000' of pavement.


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