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Thread: Please help me understand the basic differnce and the basic struture of the prog

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    Default Please help me understand the basic differnce and the basic struture of the prog

    I have been reading, and d/l the various programs as Vatsim seems to be a great way to enjoy multi-player flight simming. (I will be doing alot of reading and practicing I assure you haha).

    Although I am working at this one thing I keep getting confussed is the speaking prograns that Vatsim uses.

    I read where they used to use RW, but now have replaced that with
    Advanced Voice Client. I really dont care and will obviously use the recommended program.

    Some questions I have are:

    I would think all on the Vatsim session would have to be using the same voice program?

    Is there an interface program that allows simmers to verbaly interact with each other from seperate programs?

    Advanced Voice Client is in the Bata testing stage is it sfe to install (I am sure that Vatsim knows what there doing) or is there a shielding type program to hekp guard agiast any unknown problems?

    I origionaly thought that Squawkbox was a voice interacting program. Is it or is it some type of interface program that allows Vatsims sessions to flow smoother?

    Can you use Squawkbox alone in say other multi-slyer groups or just with you and one other simmer on say a direct IP connection?

    Thank you for putting up with what I am sure some think are obvious questions. I guess I have been D/L all the things that Vatsim recommends, reading all the D/L programs instructions and confussed myself.

    [email protected] HTT Dual

    1 gig ram

    1st v-card ATI 9800 pro @ 128

    2nd v_card ATI 9000 pro @ 128

    Hard Drives = 120 and secondary is 40.

    3 monitors.

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    Default RE: Please help me understand the basic differnce and the basic struture of the

    * Different pilots can use different voice clients on VATSIM. The Advanced Voice Client was specifically designed to backwards compatible with Roger Wilco

    * The VATSIM or voice servers handle the 'translation'

    * The AVC is quite safe to install. It wasn't released to the general public until it was mostly stable. No 'shield' exists or is needed.

    * Squawkbox handles all the other interactions between you and the server. It sends information from your sim to the VATSIM server and vice versa. It is now a little dated, and a newer version is in development.

    * If it is just you and a friend, or a small multi-player group, Squawkbox is not necessary - just use the built-on FS Multiplayer functions.

    While you are downloading and reading, make sure you get the excellent "First Timers Guide" from the VATSIM site.

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