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Thread: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

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    Default Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    Hello everybody,

    The last weeks I have read a lot about those AI products and was wondering which one to buy.

    Fs Traffic has about 41.000 flights and that is less than the other two , but it has G max created aircraft ( with turning fans ) which are framerate friendly and you can even see the fans of the engines turning.

    Ultimate Traffic has 400.000 flights and several extra features like a traffic time table.

    My traffic has 550.000 flights and also several features.

    For myself the amount of flights are not that important ,as I mostly fly to the same airports.
    Thousends of airports I will never visit.

    What is important is no to much load on the pc and good looking aircraft.
    Also a feature with what a can check how many flight are coming to / departing from an airport.

    Then I would know, if I want to add flights, if I am not overcrowding an airport ( read : not enough parking spaces )
    It would be nice if there where amongst you who really can compare those products.

    Thanks in advance and happy flying,

    Gerard Salden
    Team Wideview

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    I went with Ultimate Traffic for one reason: the best looking AI aircraft. With the new AFCAD 2 files, airports are plenty crowded. UT will hit your framerates, though, a bit more than My Traffic, or so I'm told. - Matt D.

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    I went with MY Traffic
    very good value - im pleased with it

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    I'm a UT user...and tester. I can't really compare the 3 to be honest as UT is all i use. however...if you want realistic schedules and the correct airlines flying from your given airport i hear UT is the way to go. I believe UT now has over 500 or 600 AFCAD files out and i know of 2 more batches being tested now...will put it well over a 1000 AFCAD files included. Plus the user interface to change or add aircraft is VERY user friendly and easy to use. If UT is a higher hit on framerates its only because there are MORE aircraft visible i guess, because UT and MT both use PAI models for AI aircraft.

    Cheers....good luck with whichever you choose


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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    I also can only give you feedback on UT, but am extremely pleased with it. I have found that frame rates aren't too bad. With my 1.4g unit and 128mg card, it does slow down a bit at 100% traffic with afcad at a big airport, but is certainly flyable on approach. Also, Project AI has hundreds of repaints available. Not all together certain that MT uses PAI models. Also from what I've read, the interface and ease of use blows MT out of the water. I have added many aircraft and repaints without problems. I have heard that people are having problems adding new airlines though.

    KCOE Pappy Boyington Field

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    As you will see from your replies there are two main camps UT and MT the decision you have to make is simply this:-

    If you want less hit on frame rates and plenty of traffic ramdomly generated but covering all airports including the out-of-the-way ones pretty filled with GA and particularly want additional GA traffic then go for My Traffic. The trade off is the quality of the AI are not as good as UT but do you really fly close enough to want to be able to see the rivets?. The appropriate airlines are assigned to the relevant airports i.e. you will see Sabena in Belguim, Qantas in Australia etc.

    If you want real world schedules, better quality textures (with those rivets!) and don't visit the out-of-the-way airports and don't want additional GA traffic then go for Ultimate Traffic. Your frame rates will be hit harder with this choice so only if you have a pretty powerful rig and are prepared even with a top end system, to reduce some display quality slider settings if you want 100% AI.

    I'm an advocate of My Traffic - I don't want quality AI, I want smoother flight and lotsa traffic especially GA at lonesome places, I'm not bothered about real world schedules but do like to see the right AI in all the right places. But that's just my opinion and suits me alone.

    The choice is yous depending on what you want of course, this just to help you decide. If you happen to lean towards MT and want the additional GA AI then you would need an extra free file from the MT web to modify the program. Oh one last word the AI Editor in My Traffic is pretty user unfriendly, I'd forget trying to play with their flights/schedules. But you can create your own separate ones and have them run on top of MT - FS9 now, fortunately recognises multi AI traffic files (thank goodness!). Ping!

    Don't forget Project AI too - can't say much on that one as I don't have the experience to be able to guide you. Others no doubt will.


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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic


    You seem to exagerate just a bit. UT aircraft aren't detailed down to the last rivet. Not even close. They are probably some of the better AI aircraft available, and make a nice trade-off between performance and looks. Come on, at least make a fair comparison, if not an informed one. And what you say about frame hits doesn't jive with my experience. Do you have UT?

    KCOE Pappy Boyington Field

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    Default n/t

    Never mind.
    Commercial Pilot ASEL - Instrument Rated
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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    My Traffic. I tried UT and asked for my money back. I think it's better suited to ones who like to play and edit the traffic. I did not find it user friendly. My Traffic loads a lot of traffic at loads of airports with a very easy install. Am very pleased with it.

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My traffic

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for answering.

    For us Wideview flyers the most important is that the aircraft depart at scheduled times.

    Wideview uses several pc's in network and all of those pc's are connected to monitors which are our "windows" .

    If aircarft are departing randomely per pc no synchronization will appear on the screens.

    As fas as I understand UT has scheduled flights and taxes the system the most.This probabley as of the detailed aircraft.

    At the MT website it is said that they also fly with schedules.
    Only general aircraft fly randomized.
    One of you guys stated that MT did not do so.
    The aircraft quality is good but a bit less detailed than UT.

    Fs traffic has also scheduled flights but less.
    The aircraft from Fs Traffic are of very good quality with turning fans.
    Do the other packages have that extra feature also ?

    I am only curiouw about the scheduled flights form My traffic.
    if only general aircraft are flying randomely that would not be a problem as we fly only form major airports.

    All comments are welcome.

    Gerard Salden
    Team Wideview
    Team Wideview

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