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    At approx. 12:35 I had just started following a grand caravan out of the kelowna airport heading east, his destination unknown. At 3680 feet I lost contact, he apparently hit the mountain, no smoke, no distress call, I'm on the phone with the vitual RCMP as we speak.I have never seen the likes of it!

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    Pilots Mansion....

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    Ok but what I wanna know is, did the virtual RCMP put you on virtual hold, before getting the details?

    And is the mountain in distress ?

    How many virtual souls were onboard this virtual Caravan ?

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    I thought it was Funny! Just like Air Disaster's!

    Christopher Tarana

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    If it was an AI and it hit the mountain it sounds like it was on VFR, if the plan was set to IFR then ATC would have directed it to fly higher to avoid the mountain.


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    AI aircraft flying VFR will normally fly straight through mountains or high ground without visibly crashing into it, especially if it concerns mesh scenery. Not very realistic but there's not much one can do about it except and as in this specific case, to change the wind direction at the airport concerned so that the AI in question takes off in a different direction, thereby possibly avoiding the mountain or high ground.

    Another possible solution for this specific "take off" case only would be to reduce the AI aircraft's weight, it's fuel/pay load and to increase it's basic verticle speed in it's aircraft.cfg file.

    Good luck.


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    Ah, that's nothing. While at my ongoing recreation of Area-51 in FS2004, I saw many SR-71s takeoff and fly straight into the mountains where "Kelly Johnson" tower never heard hide nor hair of them ever again.

    You sure it wasn't the RCMP themselves?
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    It was your Duraggi's. You need to turn them off before flying near mounted horses mmm-kay?


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