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    After flying different flightsim versions for about 15 years I finally decided to make a test of my flying skills and properly get my licenses. :-)

    I tried the FS2002 flight school and enjoyed it quite a lot. The instuctions are nice, the flying is mainly basic but still testing enough.

    So what is my problem: Doing the final tests. One must say that unfortunately the descriptions of the flights are not very detailed, and (at least in my German version) sometimes wrong, giving my the ILS 16 instead of the 34 for my approach to Seattle on my instrument flying test.

    So far I have passed the first flight, the private license and the professional license. But I am still fighting to get the instrument license. The test takes about 50 minutes and I always get kicked out after doing about 3/4 of that. It seems to me that you only get further instructions when you hit certain coordinates. Otherwise the instructor stays calm untin you leave the area and that is the end of the test.

    Can anybody who has passed the test help me? Everything goes well until I reach Park NDB and return to Seattle at 160°. After that I follow the radial 140 to southeast until I am supposed to get cleared straight to NOLLA LOM. In fact I never get this clearence.

    The instructions suggest to continue as filed if there is no more advice. Well, that's what I do, I go straight to Nolla NDB at 3000 feet by every time I cross Boeing field about 8 miles short of NOLLA I get kicked out.

    Can anyone tell me when I am supposed to get the clearance after SEA and turn around to NOLLA (how many miles out)? I think it doesn't matter so much as you are turning about 180 degrees back. Is there a certain altitude I need to change to when I reach Boeing field or NOLLA? What am I doing wrong? All the manouvers are flown correctly and within the limits but still I can't finish it.

    Anyone who can help?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Default RE: FS2002 Flight school

    There were some workarounds for these tests, namely the instrument checkride.
    Perhaps these pages I had in my favorites will help.

    Good luck, and let me know if you pass:)
    Gary Rabbitt.

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    Default RE: FS2002 Flight school

    Hi Gary,

    thank you so much! These are great links and they even have the missing charts. I will have another try this weekend and tell you how it worked out.


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    Default RE: FS2002 Flight school

    It's me again. I was amused to read about getting the PPL. After dozens of tries I finally had my landing without any further notions of the instructor. Nothing happend so I took off again, flew a few rolls in the poor Cessna and because of pure frustration I finally hit the drink. After that crash I was finally handed the license!!!

    On another try I did a right hand pattern instead of a left pattern. Well, it was the first time they handed me the license after a "proper" flight without crash. :-)

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    Default RE: FS2002 Flight school

    Hey, I passed the instrument test today on my first try. Now let's do the APL and see how it works.


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    Hi Bastian,
    I think the PPL you need to make a full stop on the runway, or else the license will not show up. Probably the crash in the water 'told" FS that you were now at a full stop, lol. I can't remember if the instructor said to make a full stop or not, when giving you final instructions.
    Well good luck on the ATP, I posted the link for you on the other post.
    Take care, and good luck!

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