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    Would anyone suggest an accurate way to read the CPU/system temps? I've been using PC Alert and having received the last few updates, I don't believe I'm getting accurate readings. Idle process temps have been recorded (from 3 separate updates) 44C, 38C and lately 57C. No changes in hardware or operating parameters. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    turn off the monitoring software and ignore it..

    there ya go.. means nothing...

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    Its too hot, if smoke starts pouring out the fans exhausts.

    Like I indicated at another forum, did you forget about room ambient temperature during each test?

    W. Sieffert

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    do what slarty said.. if something smells funny and there suddenly a lump of goo on the CPU socket then it overheated...

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    Didn't get to the other forum today, William. No, ambient room temp has not been a factor; temp is consistently cooler (70F) because of computer. I was curious if there were more accurate (reputable isn't the word I want, is it?) programs available. If consensus is that it isn't a concern 'til it's fried then so be it. Thanks for responding here and there.


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    It's either going to be fine or it's going to fry. There's no middle ground and there isn't going to be a monitor that will stop it.

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    That's not exactly where I was going with this...

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    If you are just curious, then go download Motherboard Monitor 5 - it's the most accurate one, IMHO. Do a Google search for it and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

    But as the others have said, unless you're having stability issues, or plan on overclocking or something, then there's really no need to be logging your CPU temps.


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    Thanks, Tim.

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