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Thread: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

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    Default Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

    Hello everybody,

    The last weeks I have read a lot abou those AI products and was wondering which one to buy.

    Fs Traffic has about 41.000 flights and that is less than the other two , but it has G max created aircraft which are framerate friendly and you can even see the fans of the engines turning.

    Ultimate Traffic has 400.000 flights and several extra features like a traffic time table.

    My traffic has 550.000 flights and also several features.

    For myself the amount of flights are not that important ,as I mostly fly to the same airports.
    Thousends of airports I will never visit.

    What is important is no to much load on the pc and good looking aircraft.
    Also a feature with what a can check how many flight are coming to / departing from an airport.
    Then I would know, if I want to add flights, if I am not overcrowding an airport ( read : not enough parking spaces )

    It would be nice if there where amongst you who really can compare those products.

    Thanks in advance and happy flying,

    Gerard Salden
    Team Wideview

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

    I'm lazy and bought FSTraffic as soon as it was available. With FST, you get a very reasonable selection of aircraft, although obviously by now the stock paint jobs are dated.

    One of the functions included is 'Traffic View' which provides a radar type facility with waypoints and vectors of local aircraft, whether on the ground or airborne, etc. You can even click on them from the screen and view them as they go about their business.

    My only complaint is that if you decide to fly the add-ons, they aren't so great. Then again, that isn't why I bought it anyway.

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

    It depends on how you look at things personally. These are all great tools, but have their faults as well. The strongest vote for buying these products is they shove a ton of traffic on your system, and from a user standpoint, you do almost nothing.

    I like to take it a step further, and do it myself. It is more time consuming, but I ga-ron-tee my airports will be more realistic than ANY payware product. The right airlines at the right airports at the right gates! AITM, AFCAD, PAI, AARDVARK, and any other freeware AI planes....along with a little time will make the ultimate sim experience a reality.. :7

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

    Just to defend my hard earned dollar!

    You can enter your own realistic plans / customise or whatever using the Traffic Tools that comes with FST as well. It's a pretty simple UI set out like a timetable.

    Of course, for every flight, you have to have the aircraft type and livery of the particular airline on your system for it to work.

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    Default RE: Fs Traffic / Ultimate Traffic / My Traffic ? ? ?

    I just installed FS 2002 Traffic, I'm impressed, but I have nothing to compare it to. I have fould myself just sitting at the end of the runway for hours watching all the activity.. I'm still trying to figure out how to add planes and timetables, I think I doing it right, I receive no error messages, but the additions never appear?

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