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Thread: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

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    Default Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    Hi all, I currently have fs9 running with win98se. Just wondering If i'd see any benefits if I upgraded to XP?

    My system is as follows.
    P4 2.8Ghz
    512MB Kingston PC2700
    Gigabyte Radeon 9600Pro
    Motherboard (not sure, know it's a Gigabyte P4 Titan)
    60GB HDD
    Force Feedback Pro

    Would there be any benefits in terms of performance. I'm sure in terms of stability there would be. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Anthony Young

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    Default RE: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    Assuming all your hardware is running okay and there is no stuttering of sound / video, etc, then WinXP probably wouldn't give you any performance increases. It is however the better platform for your processor, which I guess supports hyper-threading.

    Win98 is restricting in as much as you don't get as many IRQ addresses available for hardware upgrades and add-ons. Also Microsoft are to discontinue Win98 support.

    My advice; for future proofing then go XP, for a streamlined system with no-frills - use Win98 as your gaming platform.

    I used 98 for a very long time, and finally ditched it just over a month ago. It's an excellent platform for games, but has bugs / weaknesses in it even 5 years after release. That's not to say that XP doesn't need megabytes of patching to bring it up to speed.

    If you get XP, make sure it is the latest version available, as the first service pack takes ages to download (all day on dial-up). Even then, you'll need to download plenty of critical updates.

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    Default RE: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    ... and if you want to have a little extra fun you may also read here:

    ;-) :D

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    Default RE: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    If you install XP, make sure you format that hard drive of yours as NTFS, fat32 is slower with a hard drive of that size.
    Also, make sure the XP you install is PRO and not HOME. It has far fewer bugs in it and runs much better. Its important that it is service pack updated too, better drivers etc for performance.
    I have been using pro for a year and laugh at 98. It may seem a bit slower at first, but once programs are loaded it outperforms 98.

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    Default RE: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    The main advantage apart from stability / PnP that XP has over the DOS family is the security. This is where you need to be careful.

    The Home Edition has loads of wizards, faqs and walkthroughs for all your configurations, plus the default settings are safe all-rounders.

    Professional however, is business network oriented. There are an awful lot of additions which if not configured correctly leave you wide open to the 'nasties of the internet' - the defaults in ProXP aren't necessarily the safest for a home user. You can disable certain ports and adapters of course, but by the time you've disabled these connectivity functions, you may as well buy XP Home.

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    Default RE: Windows XP, Windows 98se and FS9?

    I would think by now, most hardware vendors spend most time writing / optimizing their XP drivers, with 98/Me an afterthought.

    Pro version has a terminal server capability, or "remote desktop" that displays apps running on the server on a networked computer. It also has a web server included and some other TCP/IP goodies, but not IIRC a full DNS. It can accept 10 clients on file/print sharing where Home only allows 4.

    Not sure if XP will run as nice on 512 ram as 98.

    scott s.

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