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Thread: Running two monitors

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    Poonutz Guest

    Default Running two monitors

    I found an extra monitor lying around and was wondering what all was required to have the two monitors running. I want the main one that I have to stay with the same views and have the second one have the GPS, ATC, throttle, radio stack all on the screen. Is this just a simple as plugging it into the back of the computer, or is it more complicated? I have the existing plugged into the video card, so I have one open plug in the back. Any help would be appreciated.


    Windows XP Home
    512 MB Ram
    1.1 GHZ
    GeForce 4 ti4200 video card
    P.O.S. sound card

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    I can only speak for WinME. I build in a second graphics adapter (PCI) because my AGP card doesn't provide two plugs. Windows recognized the new card and just asked me whether I wanted to "extend my desktop" (or similar) to the second monitor...

    The most important thing is to make sure that the second monitor is capable of the same resolution and frequency (i.e. 1024x768x32 at 75Hz) like the first one.

    And the more you run on the second screen (especially the FS GPS) the more your framerate will drop. But just try it out...

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    Default RE: Running two monitors

    WinXP has that as well, only, I just use it to hook up to my tv to watch dvd's. Im runnin on a laptop, but it has a monitor hookup, I intend to use this before the end of the year. But I beleive Heyer has it down.


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    Yeah, someone told me that I needed a second video card to do this. Since I now know that it would drop my frames, I probably would do without it even if I could do it. My frames aren't too terribly impressive.

    Thanks for the help though, guys

    Much appreciated


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