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Thread: FSNavigator for 2004 now available

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    Here's the thread from 2011 which announced the freeware version:!
    The correct, legitimate and working link is in the first post. Many thanks to Bob's son (I think) who keeps the website running in memory of his father.
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    Might get it here. Might not be the free version.

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    Nope, no free version anywhere.. Nope, nada, never!
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    Yeah I think I tried that Bob Holland one back in the day and it ran for 20 executions then told me I had to pony up just like any other installer. Didn't matter to me though because I've have a valid license since 6/2002.

    There is a key generator floating around somewhere though and I tried it, it worked.

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    Piracy is not the same as free!
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    Didn't say it was. Like I said I've had a valid license since 2002 and I can show you the email from simmarket if you have problems believing that.

    Funny though how using the nocd hack went from "ultimate taboo" to "accepted and condoned" around here when nobody could get FS9 to run on the newer OS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Robinson View Post
    Funny though how using the nocd hack went from "ultimate taboo" to "accepted and condoned" around here when nobody could get FS9 to run on the newer OS.
    Yep, it's not good to pirate anything unless it's an item you want yourself. haha

    I don't use FSNavigator and this piracy issue regarding it has been brought up many times. I know I did read something when it was first announced that clarified it is now free despite many suggestions since that it is not.

    There are several bits of payware and illegal add-ons being shared around at the moment openly in FS forums. They are all more illegal than FSNavigator as there has never even been any mention about those particular add-ons possibly being free. Yet, not a single remark made about any of those add-ons?

    Has me
    Mark Daniels

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    Plan G works with just about anything, including FS9. It's donation ware.


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    I do have a licensed FSNav, (thank goodness) & it is one of my essentials, for solo flying, as well as group flying at our VA club.

    Yes, the Good Old days, we had a lot of great payware & freeware addons, sadly lost now.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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