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Thread: Best Nvidia drivers

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    Default Best Nvidia drivers

    40.72 or 43.51?
    What is the best one?

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    Hey there

    I have asked a similar question that got the kind of feedback that you may be looking for. See the post by clicking on the link below.


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    I think it will be down to what works best for you and your system.

    Iv'e been an avid 40.52 (unofficial drivers not certified) user since they came out as they offer the best frame rates and the best overall clarity (IQ) in mid to long range scenery (Not much blurring in the distance)

    The 40.72's are just as fast but there is a definate quality drop with fs2002 textures in the mid and far distance and a pinkish tinge to the colour.
    The 40.52's and 40.72's are sound with other games as well.

    NOW FORGET ALL OF THE DRIVERS AFTER 40.72 UNTIL YOU GET TO THE NEW 43.51's these are official certified drivers.
    the drivers in between have various issues reported by different people.

    Now the 40.51's have the quality of the 40.52's but i,ve found that the fps is down about 2-3 frames in places.

    I'm still on them because at last one of the new drivers is stable, up to date and still has enough speed for my system and works with DX 9a on me new monitor.

    I'm going to do a couple of tests in the next few days to try and come up with some evidence of this but for now you have 3 chioces

    1. 40.52's Really the fastest for FPS and really clear textures for MIP MAP users (not official drivers)
    2. 40.72's Really fast for FPS, not so clear as the 40.52's (official drivers)
    3. 43.51's Not as fast as the other two but offer good clarity, up to date and they are fully dx9a compatible. (official drivers) the ones to have if you have 2 gig chip machines and over.

    The chioce is yours---ENJOY


    Asus a7s333 motherboard- onboard sound ac97
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    Asus TI4200 128MEG 4X AGP Graphics card
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    Maxtor 5400rpm 40gig hard drive
    Maxtor 7200rpm 40gig hard drive (FS2002 15.6gig and counting)
    Dell (sony)19" P990 Pure Flat Triniton 1600x1200x75hz
    Windows XP Pro
    Nvidia 43.51 Drivers
    3D MARK 2001SE SCORE 9860
    3D MARK 2003 SCORE 1460

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