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Thread: Copyright Respect Revisited...

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    Default Copyright Respect Revisited...

    I was reading the board over at today and someone posted a message about one of their Anet Images being used in assosiation with a add-on file that resides here on

    May I be subtle in reminding anyone looking to use a Image from Anet please ask the photographer before including their images in you freeware project file or just to show the rest of us a neat photo in the screenshotforum.

    If you ask!!!!!! most of us photogs will give you the go ahead without a problem.

    My Library of Real World Aviation Images is GROWING FAST.

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    Default Copyright Respect Revisited...

    Thanks for the post Randy....and I'll offer a not so subtle reminder that if we find any usage of copyrighted images, whether from or elsewhere, we will remove said post without explanation! Taking the time and initiative to research what procedures are necessary to use someone else's property is the member's responsibility, not the moderator's.

    Thanks for your compliance!


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