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Thread: C-118 Liftmaster Negative Angle of Attack

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    Default C-118 Liftmaster Negative Angle of Attack

    When engaging the autopilot to maintain a level flight, this AC exhibits what I call a negative angle of attack, i.e., nose slightly down and tail high. The repaint is by Henry William and the original DC-6B by Tom Gibson & Harry Follas. The UAL rendition of this AC flys perfectly level in autopilot mode.

    I wrote to Tom and he thought maybe the repainter did not use the correct air file. I wrote to Mr. William but have not had a response.

    Just curious if any one else has seen this trait? It is a beautiful repaint with great detail. If I could only get it to have a slight positive angle of attack in level flight.

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    Default RE: C-118 Liftmaster Negative Angle of Attack

    Hi Chris,

    Open the Aircraft cfg. file with Notepad, and Add - (negative) incidence to the wing 1 degree at a time, until you get what you think is the proper attitude....Shouldn't take more than one or two degrees'.

    Randy Burton

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-03 AT 06:12PM (EDT)[/font][p]I have this too.

    Actually that was just a test. My posts are posting again, which they haven't been.

    In any case I shall try it.

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    the air file at 1101 must be changed.

    to much lift is generated.

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