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    What am I missing? None of the float planes that I download can float. When I land on water, they act just like the floats aren't there. I've searched the files of the Caravan to find a setting or something that's different in the new downloads, but I came up empty. Anyone have a solution?


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    There are contact points for the floats that can be edited using FS Edit (or a text editor for the aircraft.cfg file)...these are the culprits! Float contact points need to be added in order for these to aircraft to...well, float.

    Check out the aircraft.cfg for the default Caravan float for an example. There are different types of contact points..wheels, striking surfaces (fuselage or wings, for example). There will be, if my memory serves me correctly, a point number, type, vertical location in relationship to the center, horizontal ....etc.(in that order, plus more).

    Check out the following tip at the FS Veterans Club Tips website:

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    Thanks Grunt, I'll check it out.


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