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Thread: ORBS named George Bush JR International airport

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    Default ORBS named George Bush JR International airport

    Instead of Bagdab International Airport
    it will be named George Bush jr International Airport

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    Default RE: ORBS named George Bush JR International airport

    Please tell me that you're kidding. Honestly, how arrogant can Georgie get?

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    Default RE: ORBS named George Bush JR International airport

    This is an off-topic aviation related post. Therefore, please repost this in the Outer Marker.....where it will then be promptly removed for being a troll post.

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    There is way too many FORUM COPS lurking around

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    This thread is 18 years and 1 month old by the way... and some of the forum cops aren't really cops - they just have a pretty droll sense of humor. Move along please!
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